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Flax and Fish Oil Omega 3 Benefits

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Flax and Fish Oil Omega 3 Benefits

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Longueur: 79 pages51 minutes


Flax and Fish Oil Omega 3 Benefits is all about those fantastic Omega 3 fats that can be so good for us. Western diets don't have enough omega 3 and we are all suffering the effects of this: from high levels of heart disease, joint problems and even cancer. See how the Japanese have kept their heart disease low with omega 3 and how they fair when they move to America and embrace our Western diet.

The benefits of adding omega 3 fatty acids to your life are explained in the book. In a world where all fats are considered to be bad for you, this book is all about the good omega 3 fats that we avoid at our peril. In the end it is a balancing act where we need to make sure that we have the right fats in the right amounts. Today's diets and especially the typical American diet have edged the fat balance in totally the wrong direction and as a result the nation's health has suffered a huge amount.

Read about the huge number of benefits that adding omega 3 fatty acids to your diet can have from helping with joint issues through mental health problems, cancer and heart disease. Omega 3 fish oil appears to benefit people in whole lot of various ways.

Despite many people thinking it so, fish oil isn't the only source of omega 3 fatty acids. Fortunately, if you happen to be a vegetarian or you just don't like eating fish then there are many other ways of getting your omega 3. Many green leaves, seeds and nuts are rich in omega 3. Many of these have other health benefits on top of the omega 3 that they contain and this is something that taking supplements just can't provide. Many of the studies detailed in the book show how supplements aren't always best for you.

You need to find out how omega 3 fatty acids can help you have a better healthier life. You should know the good foods that contain omega 3 and how to consume the right amounts in your diet. Example recipes are given in the book so that you can immediately start to put into action the ideas given in the book. Get 'Flax and Fish Oil Omega 3 Benefits' now and start to make your change for health.

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