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The Basics of Digital Photography: A Journey Through The Fundamentals

The Basics of Digital Photography: A Journey Through The Fundamentals

Par Gru Bo

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The Basics of Digital Photography: A Journey Through The Fundamentals

Par Gru Bo

5/5 (1 évaluation)
99 pages
32 minutes
Oct 26, 2013


This ebook is a guide that explores the basic concepts and mechanisms of Photography. It will also familiarize you with the terminology and theories used to produce better photos including,

Camera Focus
Shutter speed
White balance
ISO speed
Autofocus point

Types of Cameras

Types of lens
Choosing lens according to your scope and interest

Camera functions

Composition/elements of design
Compositional techniques

Types of Photography

and wraps up the book with references.

Oct 26, 2013

À propos de l'auteur

Gru Bo graduated with a degree in Photography from the Art Institute of Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, US and has been documenting stormy landscapes, balmy nights and verbal portraits ever since. Photography to him is a journey, an exhilarating trek through the valleys of introspection, acceptance and storytelling.He ran workshops and conducted numerous trainings before heading out to explore more on the intricacies surrounding life. Gru Bo worked in different domains of photography before sharing his journey and insights through trainings and ebooks. To him, being a photographer means expounding the tangled emotions through visuals and demands a consistent quibbling over your predetermined thoughts.Find him babbling the journey at neptour.blogspot.com.

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The Basics of Digital Photography - Gru Bo

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The Basics of Digital Photography – A journey through the fundamentals

ISBN: 9781310616686

Cover image copyright © Gru Bo


My journey into photography started after my year 10 examinations. I come from a middle class family and back in the days we had around 3-4 months’ time before the year 10 results were announced and you were set for another journey into higher education. While my friends were busy travelling, I decided to work in a shop as a second shooter and film developer. There were no digital cameras and photography was expensive as one could hardly afford to miss a click. The passion was there but because of no avenues available to study photography, I had to wait another 10 years before being finally able to pursue my passion. In between, I studied science, played cricket, finished my undergrad degree in hospitality management and what not.

I’m thrilled to see technology evolving faster than one could imagine these days. Photography has come quite far and is now available into our smart phones. Even though people hardly buy expensive cameras and practice photography through the tiny viewfinders, I’m still fascinated to do it the old way (of course digitally though) and believe people should know the basics before limiting them to smartphone photography. Knowing the basics will give you the confidence to explore different domains within photography and tell your story the way you wanted.

Photography is a journey and I’ve started believing that it should expound the intricacies of emotions, be it through portraits or landscape photography. In other words, it’s a trek; a trek through the valleys of introspection, acceptance and exploration where you’ll learn through the

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