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Watercolor: The Can Do Approach

Watercolor: The Can Do Approach

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Watercolor: The Can Do Approach

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59 pages
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Jul 4, 2013


Watercolor can be the most exciting or the most frustrating painting medium to work with. This ebook identifies the key facets that control the how the medium works and clearly explains how to use this knowledge. The colors you chose dictate how you work with the medium. Paper selection enables versatility of style and then the water element – this aspect introduces the excitement. Understanding these issues puts you in control of the medium and at the same time it encourages you to explore the versatility that it offers. Discover the keys that will unlock the watercolor process.
Jul 4, 2013

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Watercolor - Ev Hales

Copyright © Ev Hales 2013

All images © Ev Hales 2013

No part of this publication may be reproduced in any form without written consent from Ev Hales.

Published by Ev Hales as an ebook 2013

Watercolor - the ‘can do’ approach by Ev Hales

All rights reserved.

ISBN: 978-0-9871141- 5-0


- the ‘can do’ approach

by Ev Hales

Wow them with watercolor.

Secrets that provide flexibility when you paint with this magical medium.







1. Introduction

When I first started painting in the watercolor medium I listened avidly to any information about how to work with it to achieve the effects I wanted. I seemed to hear a lot of statements about the Can’t do’s and how It is the hardest medium to work with. I do not think my experience is uncommon. When you talk to people they will tell you You only get one chance, It is really hard and I am not clever enough to work with watercolor and so on. This ‘can’t do’ attitude seems to intimidate you even before you pick up a brush to start painting. I much prefer the approach – let me see what will happen if I do such and such. The head space is then an open book without preconceived ideas. You are telling your brain and eyes to look at what is happening rather than looking for the negatives. If you are in negative territory before you start by the time you add the complexities of the subject you are trying to interpret, then it is no wonder that people try acrylics as a simpler alternative. The simplicity or complexity of either medium surely rests in a basic understanding of the issues.

This short ebook is designed to explain some of the specific characteristics related to watercolor to give you freedom with your approach and put you in charge of the process, instead of feeling like you are always trying to catch up with what is emerging on paper.

The very best, most exciting thing about watercolor is the fact that it is alive and that you are not ever in complete control and that it is OK to be a little

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