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Learning Lessons: Gardening With Nature

Learning Lessons: Gardening With Nature

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Learning Lessons: Gardening With Nature

60 pages
42 minutes
Apr 1, 2010


Most gardeners garden Against Nature. Some advanced gardeners garden With Nature. This book takes a different approach: gardening With Nature. The idea is that, by forming a co-creative partnership with Nature and the Spirit beings in your garden, you can create a different kind of garden - one that's alive in ways you may just be beginning to feel. This book provides an introduction to a new way - well, really a very old way - that ups your game in the garden exponentially.

With Nature, you move with easy and grace, spend less money and time, and achieve better results. Your connections with Spirit beings opens the door to your physical, mental, and emotional healing. Practicing gardening with Nature expands your perception and access to the unseen world and provides a pathway to the God of your understanding. You'll see miracles and synchronicities that remind you that you are part of Nature - that you are Nature's hands in your garden.

Apr 1, 2010

À propos de l'auteur

Rog is a Plant Whisperer and Business Shaman. He helps people create wildly better gardens, designs mediation spaces, and connects people with Nature spirits to heal and awaken. As an Intuition Guide and Shaman, he unites business and spirit.His writing style has been described as "conversational - with energy" - kinda like Rog is in real life.

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Learning Lessons - Roger Wyer

Learning Lessons

Gardening With Nature

By Roger Wyer

Published by BizWorks Studio at Smashwords

Copyright 2015 Roger Wyer

Learn more about Roger Wyer at https://www.smashwords.com/profile/view/RogerWyer

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Part One: Co-Creative Gardening

Lesson One: Getting Started

Lesson Two: Making Contact

Lesson Three: Layout

Lesson Four: Hit The Dirt!

Part Two: You and Nature

Going Deeper

Personal Experiences In Nature

Direct Connection with Nature

Angels and Spirits

Old Ways

Part Three: In Your Garden

Learning Lessons

Special Spots

Your Sacred Stuff


A Place to Sit

Sacred Garden

Part Four: End Stuff


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We humans have been living with plants our entire existence - our history is entirely intertwined. Let’s pause for a moment and recap a few lessons that seem obvious.

First, life on the planet is simply not possible for us without plants.

We’ve learned a lot about plants and nature. We’ve had to in order to survive. Through it all, plants have provided the raw materials that serve as the source for our comfort, our food, and our very breath.

In developing the planet, we’ve created some fantastic gardens, from the Hanging Gardens of Babylon to Central Park. Meanwhile, Nature has produced Amazon rain forests and millions of unique riparian ecosystems.

The instant we humans construct anything, Nature begins to deconstruct it. Within a week after a new sidewalk is poured, a blade of grass sprouts in a crack, signaling the beginning of the end for this bit of human effort. It may take awhile - Nature has infinite time - but the sidewalk will be returned to rubble by some combination of Nature’s mighty and seemingly endless tools.

The faster we throw stuff up, the faster Nature takes it down. Earthquake anyone?

During most of human history, our idea has been to master Nature – to bend Her to our crazy ideas for how she should be. For thousands of years we’ve developed new ideas to win our imaginary war against Nature. Even if we do somehow succeed in taming Nature, we’ll probably destroy the planet and ourselves in the process.

Is there a better way?

There’s much talk these days about substituting collaboration for competition as the basis for relationships between humans. Let’s lay the same foundation for our relationship with Nature.

In these lessons, we’ll explore ways to do just that.

My personal experience demonstrates that when I cooperate with Nature, my garden is more beautiful, my harvest is more bountiful, my work is lighter and more joyful, and I spend less time and money.

I hope you’ll join me in venturing together into this collaborative relationship with Nature!

Two Ways

While sitting on a garden swing in the secret garden at a friend’s home, I received my first ever message from Spirit: Create a new paradigm for landscaping in the Southwest.

The Voice was quite clear. No further instructions were provided at that time. I didn’t know where The Voice was coming from, but the idea resonated with me because, as a landscaper, I was pretty fed up with doing things in ways that made no sense to me.

I knew the current paradigm simply did not work.

So, I wrote out a manifesto for the new paradigm to guide my practice. Somehow, something

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