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Love's Flight Path

Love's Flight Path

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Love's Flight Path

179 pages
2 heures
Jun 9, 2010


Fighting for everything he has, Max finds himself coming across the love of two beautiful women and his dream, being a fighter pilot in the United States Navy. Faced with WAR, Max must put aside his personal feelings and do his duty as a fighter pilot. When he is shot down behind enemy lines, Max knows that he has to make it back safely to the woman he loves. Question is, will he?

Jun 9, 2010

À propos de l'auteur

Max was born in a library, surrounded by books from all over the galaxy. His gypsy soul never stayed in one place for very long as he traveled the universe, having many great adventures, all while lying on the carpet floor in the living room.His story telling abilities have been compared to Robert Patterson and Tom Clancy, without all the boring details.Today he lives in a hanger just north of Houston, Texas where he soars through the clouds on Wings of Gold, writing and telling wonderful stories.

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Love's Flight Path - Max M Power

Chapter 1


Catherine was sitting inside the Greyhound bus terminal in downtown Houston, Texas. She had spent the weekend with her mother but now it was time to go home to her father in San Antonio. Catherine made this trip every two weeks, coming to Houston on Friday to spend the weekend with her mother and then go home to her father on Sunday. Catherine was off in her own little world reading Teen Magazine.

Max Power had been working the second shift, loading and unloading the buses as they came into the terminals. It was the beginning of summer and forecast to be one of the hottest summers on record. Having just graduated High School a week earlier Max was unsure what he was going to do with his life. He knew for sure he was not going to be working in the bus terminal all his life, unlike some of his co-workers.

He had always wanted to be a pilot, but coming from a poor family the dream of flying seemed to be just that, a dream. This, throwing around other people’s luggage, was his life; working under the buses was his job. It was a job that he knew would not last long.

Working hard unloading the Dallas Express, alone, Max walked into the terminal with the baggage from underneath the bus so passengers could collect their bags and leave. As he opened the door he saw Catherine sitting there with her mother, waiting for her bus.

He could not help but look at Catherine. She had one of those smiles that captured your attention right away and never let it go. She was stunning in her short skirt, knee-high stockings, black boots, and a sexy black and white blouse. She looked nothing like a teenager but every bit like a grown woman.

As he continued to work he went out of his way to walk past Catherine hoping to catch another peek at her legs. Three buses later he had fifteen minutes before the San Antonio bus was going to start loading. Max knew the bus driver was eating her lunch so he went to sit by the bus incase the driver came early. Since it was over a hundred degrees on the tarmac he sat inside the gate doorway to cool off. As he opened the door to step inside Catherine looked up and smiled at him, waving hello. Little did he know that smile was able to change his life forever.

She went back to reading her magazine as Max slid down the wall to sit on the cool tile floor staring off into space. Out of the corner of his eye he continued to look at Catherine while debating in his mind if he should talk to her. Losing, or winning the argument, depending on how he looked at it, he turned to her and asked, What are you reading?

She held up the article, showing the title True Love. He laughed to himself, finding it amusing and having to put his two cents in.

Well, that certainly is a mouthful isn’t it, true love? I’m not sure it exists but it is a very nice idea to cling to.

Why do you say that, She asked, disappointed and slightly annoyed at the same time.

He stood up and stretched. Guess you can chalk it up to personal experience. I consider himself to be a hopeless romantic but every time I’ve given my heart away I’ve gotten burned in return. I’ve kind of given up on the whole concept.

I know how you feel, Rebecca, Catherine’s mother, said, but it’s better to have some kind of love in your life than to be alone and bitter. If I felt the way you did, I would never have had my daughter.

True, Max said as he walked over to them. Sticking out his hand he said, Hi, I’m Max.

I’m Rebecca and this is my daughter Catherine.

Nice to meet you both, Max responded after shaking both their hands. "You know, I wrote an essay on the subject of true love for school. I called it, As You Wish but the teacher just laughed at it and said I have a very active imagination."

I love that movie, Catherine blurted out, blushing after realizing how loud she had said that.

An announcement was made that the San Antonio bus was about to board. Max picked up Catherine’s carry on bag, putting it up front for her so she would have a good seat, allowing her to spend a little more time with her mother while he loaded the other passenger’s bags under the bus.

When he finished loading the bus he took Catherine’s hand, slipping a piece of paper inside as he kissed the back of it.

Again, it was nice meeting you. Have a safe trip.

She boarded the bus without saying another word. The doors to the bus closed and as the bus pulled out of the terminal Max and Rebecca stood at the gate waving goodbye to Catherine. Rebecca left and Max went back to work, unaware of what was to come.

* * * *

Two weeks later week Catherine had come in and seen Max unloading her bus. Rebecca had not arrived yet so she stood there watching him work, throw bags around. She was very impressed by how easily he was able to toss heavy bags around.

Looking up from the last bag he gave out he noticed that Catherine had been watching him. He could not help but smile.

Hi, he said, trying not to blush, I didn’t think I would ever see you again.

Why not, she asked shocked. I told you I come back every two weeks to visit my mother. And you agreed to take pictures of us.

That’s true, he answered, chuckling to himself. Guess I didn’t take it as seriously as I should have since we only had that one phone call.

Well you should take it serious, she scolded playfully. We’ve wanted to take pictures together for a while now.

So where is your mom, he asked looking around. I didn’t see her earlier.

Oh, she’s running late. I have to wait for her up front. Her cheeks started turning rosy red as she began to blush. I saw you and wanted to say hi.

I got some time, he responded, looking at his watch, I’ll wait with you.

Max picked up Catherine’s bag with ease and walked her to the front entrance. Rebecca pulled up just as they walked out the front door. He opened the car door, placing Catherine’s bag in the back seat, then closed the door after she got inside.

Have a wonderful weekend you two, He said as he stepped back away from the car, smiling from ear to ear.

* * * *

Two days later Max saw Rebecca and Catherine coming into the terminal. Again he could not help but smile.

So how was your weekend, he asked as they walked past him.

Oh Max. Hi, Catherine responded, longing to see Max again, and pleased that he had found her first. It was great.

Good, he said with a smile. I’m glad. So have you two given any more thought as to when you want to take pictures?

I was wondering if you would be willing to take pictures of a birthday party as well, Rebecca asked.

I don’t see why not, he answered. Whose birthday is it?

Good then maybe we can do everything that same day. Rebecca said excited. It’s my birthday.

Yea, that’s doable, he said, nodding his head. I’m sure I can come up with something.

So how was your weekend, Catherine asked, changing the subject back to Max.

Not much of one really, he answered. Just working here. I’m pulling a double today. That’s me, work, work, work.

Just then an announcement was made that the bus from Galveston was pulling into Gate 10.

That’s my queue to go, he said as the announcement ended. We have to unload that bus in less than five minutes. It takes three of us to do it. He shook Rebecca and Catherine’s hand. Have a safe trip back home.

* * * *

Two weeks passed by quickly. When Catherine came in Max was on another bus so he did not get to unload hers. He had, however, seen Rebecca earlier so he was looking out for her.

He was excited to see Catherine again; just thinking about her brought a smile to his face. Max happened to walk inside the terminal with someone’s bags as Rebecca and Catherine were both passing by.

Catherine, Rebecca, hi, he called out to them. He had not realized that he had been longing to hear Catherine’s voice again. They had only been able to talk one time on the phone since they met.

Hi Max, Catherine responded first, How are you?

A bit swamped, he answered quickly. I didn’t want you ladies leaving without me saying hello. Don’t want to be rude.

We didn’t want to get you in trouble, Rebecca said.

Not at all, he answered back with a smile. I run this place, he said, winking at Catherine. But before I get back, I wanted to know if I could take you two to dinner and a movie tomorrow night? That is, if you don’t have plans already. My treat.

No, no plans, Catherine chimed in excitedly. That would be great.


What mom, we don’t.

Max that’s not necessary, Rebecca began to protest.

I know but I want to. I got paid today and I have tomorrow night off. Besides, we do need to talk about the pictures. Max paused before adding, It could be fun.

Rebecca looked at Catherine and smiled. Okay. Sure. Why not?

Great, he said. I’ll see you tomorrow. Have a great night.

Rebecca and Catherine left while Max went back to work.

* * * *

Max had been working the one thirty to nine thirty pm shift but that weekend he had traded days with someone from first shift. He had worked Friday night, slept in his car, then went back to work Saturday morning. After work he took some money out of his checking account before having to catch the Metro bus home. His mother had picked up the car and went out of town.

Max called Rebecca and explained what had happened with his car and Catherine convinced Rebecca to drive so they didn’t have to cancel the date. Going out for Mexican food, he let the girls order whatever they wanted off the menu. Never having to pay for anyone else but himself, he had not brought along enough money for the night. After the bill came the only movies Max could afford were the dollar movies.

He felt bad because he wanted to impress and show the girls a good time. Being poor had its disadvantages and this was one of them. The girls were having a good time though, so they agreed to the dollar movies.

The three of them saw House Arrest, a comedy about a group of kids being home alone. The movie had Ben Stein in it, an actor that gave Catherine the creeps. Every time Ben Stein came on the screen the comedy turned into a horror movie. She would bury her face in Max’s shoulder.

This made him feel like he was her protector, making sure nothing bad would happen to Catherine. Later in the movie there was a scene where rats were crawling around. Again she hid her face in Max’s shoulder, squeezing his arm tight.

He began to feel a growing sensation inside his pants. He knew liking Catherine was wrong. Catherine was sixteen, two years younger than him. It would not be fair to either of them if they fell in love now.

After the movie Rebecca drove Max home. He said goodnight and saw a look in Catherine’s eyes. Passion, hunger, and it excited him even more. That night he knew he was falling in love, no matter how hard he fought it.

* * * *

Summer was finally over and Max had quit his job at the bus station, taking a government job working for

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