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Destiny and Other Stories

Destiny and Other Stories

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Destiny and Other Stories

32 pages
28 minutes
Dec 3, 2010


An artist and graphic designer writes three well-plotted short stories: two that explore the unexpected in turning back time and one about overcoming fear for the sake of another. After a lifetime working as a graphic designer and advertising art director in New York City, Walsh has "retired" and now directs his creative talents into painting and writing.

Dec 3, 2010

À propos de l'auteur

MIKE WALSH is one of the world’s leading authorities on the geographic nuances of rented footwear. A graduate of Miami University, he grew up in a family of six children in Upper Arlington, Ohio. He and his wife Amy reside in Chicago within walking distance of four bowling alleys.

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Destiny and Other Stories - Mike Walsh

Destiny and Other Stories

By Mike Walsh

Smashwords Edition

Copyright © 2008 by Mike Walsh.

Published by Worthy Shorts

The On-Line Private Press for Professionals

on Smashwords

Design and organizing elements copyright © 2008 by Worthy Shorts.

Sale of this work in this imprint or design, except by Worthy Shorts or its agents, is prohibited.


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Sandy, the Seal

The Road to Calvary

Destiny and Other Stories


We are here to volunteer for your time experiment, the old man said.

He and a small woman, equally as old, stood before a smokey, floor-to-ceiling plexiglass wall while they spoke to it. They could not see who or what was behind the glass, only their reflections gazed back at them; he, a modest five foot seven, thin, slightly stooped, with a fringe of white hair around a pale dome topped with wisps of hair like a dusting of snow; she, four inches shorter, hair so white it dazzled, rims of eyeglasses surrounding eyes that still sparkled with intelligence.

A voice from somewhere behind the glass boomed, filling the small room in which they stood. Please be seated. You will be attended to shortly.

They obeyed in unison and sat side by side on the only place to sit, a long, cushioned bench opposite the glass wall.

They waited.

Are you sure about this, John? the woman said. I mean absolutely sure.

We've made the decision, he answered. There's no backing out now, Ethel. We have to go through with this. It's our last resort.

I just want to be absolutely sure before we make a terrible mistake.

Do you still have doubts? Now is the time to back out. I don't see what choices we have left other than this. Let me know now, Ethel, before we are accepted.

No. I'll do what you think is best, she said. As long as it can truly be done.

She had followed his lead through more than fifty years of marriage. He knew she would agree to coming to the Time Institute with him. Since he had first heard of its research programs in time travel an idea formed in his mind that he could not shake. It persisted until he convinced Ethel that

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