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Michelangelo's Shoulder

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Michelangelo's Shoulder

Longueur: 192 pages2 heures


A retired CIA officer is confronted by his troubled son. A middle aged woman falls in love with a younger neighbor. An adolescent girl ventures outside her family and discovers injustice. An accomplished grandfather finds love for the first time. A radical environmentalist carries out a final mission. A solitary waitress finds her father.
The stories range across the human and the physical landscape. Two lonely people connect on a dirt road in the Himalayas, dancing to Bob Marley. A financial manager in Seattle finds himself stalking a blind Christian street singer. A Chicago graphics designer leaves his job and begins a new life painting in Hawaii. Many of the stories take place on the coast of Maine.
The author has published four novels and four collections of poetry. These short stories combine the compression and lyrical phrasing of his poems with the character development and the humor of his novels. Each story is its own exploration, original and vivid. This is a book to be savored and enjoyed.

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