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Cosmosphere 1

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Cosmosphere 1

Longueur: 367 pages5 heures


Omni Pundit with a fan Sarol unexpectedly meet Somidh, the director of the theater group. Somidh with Sarol and Protit at a quaint spot stopover for selection of the location of their proposed indie movie, come in touch with Shrota, Swaha and Lipi, who can not remain unaddicted in lusty love and funtasy at the moonhit night riverdale. In the natural rural atmosphere with the simpleton agrarian people and their folk culture, also their hidden rift, passion and adoration drift on the surface ..In the background scores of events, characters and situations, feelings, love, lust, joy, sufferings, fun, beauty, scores of likely and unlikely locations to follow on & on in their onward queer travel from first to last from dust to dust-- as in fact there is also no end as there is no beginning in the cosmic sphere, connected with the eternal universal context of times, as envisions Shrota.

This Sphere one, named as Dear Sphere, is first of the epical books projected as Cosmosphere. In its epical span all genres >> novel, poetry, stories, romance, children’s, god, sci-fi, fantasy, utopia, environment, feminism &c. are naturally entwined, as in the real human life. So it is written blending prose-poetry-essay-play-picture all in one fusion form of fiction >> Prakalpana, with the new portmanteau words used unprecedentedly, for the newer generations.

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