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The James Dean Affair

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The James Dean Affair

Longueur: 409 pages10 heures


For years Hollywood has buzzed with rumors of a curse on the actors who worked on the '50s classic film Rebel Without a Cause, a curse that caused them to die tragically and young. It started with James Dean crashing his Porsche, and then there was Nick Adams's overdose, Sal Mineo's murder, and Natalie Wood's drowning. But what if it wasn't a curse?

Los Angeles newspaper columnist Neil Gulliver and his ex-wife, Stevie Marriner--the "Sex Queen of the Soaps"--are on the job and come up with an interesting hypothesis: What if James Dean didn't really die in that crash, as millions of his fans believe? What if James Dean is still alive--and looking for revenge?

Neil and Stevie dodge threats on their own lives while tracking those answers and searching for a solution to a bizarre string of new James Dean-related murders. They follow a trail that takes them over the same death route Dean drove in his Porsche and, finally, to his boyhood home in Fairmount, Indiana. Nothing about James Dean is as it seems, not the truth and certainly not the lies. But which is which?

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