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REBELLION; a Common Sense Application to America

REBELLION; a Common Sense Application to America

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REBELLION; a Common Sense Application to America

107 pages
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May 15, 2011


The United States of America is in deep trouble; the two party system that our founding fathers warned against is destroying the country. The answer as always lies within the Greatest Experiment, the Constitution of the United States of America. Solutions presented simply and to the point by a former fighter pilot.

May 15, 2011

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REBELLION; a Common Sense Application to America - Leland Shanle


A Common Sense Application to America


Lieutenant Commander Leland C Shanle Jr.

United States Navy (Ret.)

Smashwords Edition Copyright © 2011 by Leland C. Shanle, Jr.

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It is too late for a voter revolution in the United States of America; what is needed is a full-scale voter rebellion. Both political parties have abandoned the middle class; by catering to Wall Street and special interest groups. Democrats champion the poor as their primary special interest group and the Republicans corporations. The middle class; what do we get? We get the bill.

Table of Contents


Chapter 2: Turning Up The Heat

Chapter 3: Now What?

The Declaration of Independence: A Transcription

The Constitution of the United States: A Transcription

The Bill of Rights: A Transcription


They have fixed the game through federal regulation that virtually guarantees no third party can rise up, let alone succeed. Tea Party activists have recognized this tactic and are trying to beat them at their own game, by taking over the Republican Party. It is time for a movement in the Democratic Party as well. Blue Dog Democrats were an attempt to push back against the socialist wing of the Democratic Party. Thus far the Blue Dogs have failed; and the jury is still out on the Tea Party.

The United States of America’s credit rating has been downgraded; the International Monetary Fund (IMF) has declared the Chinese Economy will surpass the USA’s by 2016. Five years until the end of America’s dominance in the world economy. How did we get here? Rather than regurgitate an endless litany of economic tables, charts and data; let’s keep it simple. Both political parties spent us into oblivion and sent our best jobs overseas. Period; end of story.

That’s it in a nutshell; and it did not happen overnight. It took forty years to get us here and we are firmly here; here is an economic Armageddon. How do you boil a frog? By turning up the heat very slowly; the heat increase was initiated in the early sixties. Both political parties raising it, systemically, for their special interest groups and of course Wall Street.

Let’s take an anecdotal look at America before the heat was applied and after. I will use my own extended family as an example. It is an easy comparative because after retiring from the Navy my wife and I moved back to the same suburb we both grew up in. My wife’s sisters both live in the area as well. It is quite obvious to me now that our parent’s generation was the last to live what is commonly called the American Dream.

My family was white collar, my wife’s blue. Both lived in nice neighborhoods in Webster Groves, Missouri, a quaint 150 year old suburb of Saint Louis. My parents moved to Saint Louis when my father was transferred here with Sears Roebuck and Company. He had served as an Officer in the Army after graduating John Carol University. He started at the bottom with Sears as a shoe salesman. His father had spent his entire working life at Sears, after leaving the family farm in Mount Pulaski, Illinois, to attend the State University. My Grandfather had climbed the corporate ladder and been very close to the top as a Senior Vice President when he retired.

Sears Roebuck and Company’s history is a microcosm of what has happened in America. The company was a juggernaut; you could order anything from thimble and thread to a house. It was everywhere; farms, cities and suburbs, via the pre-internet line of communication known as the catalog. Quality, American- made products delivered to your house; even if it was a house.

In the twenties Sears Management recognized the car was transforming America by allowing mobility to the masses. Always on the cutting edge of retail; they transformed the company by opening retail stores in the cities. All in on automobiles they started Allstate Insurance as well, eventually putting agents in stores.

By mid century Sears reached their zenith, expanding internationally, their success was capped in 1973 by the completion of the 110 story Sears Tower in Chicago. The stock was stable and flourished as did the company. Everyone at Sears from the CEO to the shoe salesman was tied to the company by its stock. Certainly the higher you went up the food chain the more stock you held. Bottom line; all hands had a vested interest in the long term health of the company.

If you worked for Sears you were set. It didn’t matter if you worked the floor selling shoes or had a corner office in the Sears Tower-you were invested and tied to the company and its success. And you could live the American Dream; buy a house, a car and raise a family. If you worked hard, Sears in return, took care of you and provided a career and retirement. Stock options were available to employees and made those that took them very comfortable.

Sears was manned by career employees that worked their way up. They knew retail and Sears from the bottom to the top. Indeed they were a ruthless competitor. That was the culture at Sears; it all began to change in the 80’s.

MBA’s began to run Sears; no longer did you rise through the ranks of the retail giant learning the business. It is obvious to any observer that the new Management was more interested in doing a financial deal than running a retail giant. Twenty years of doing deals weakened Sears to the point that a bankrupt KMART corporation bought the once proud retailer by leveraging Sears’s real-estate. In third quarter 2006 one third of Sears’s pre-tax income came from financial deals.

Deals were the focus, quick money; pump and dump. The managers seemed to treat the once proud retailer as a bank to finance deals. Self enrichment was the new goal; at the cost of the company and its future. A Washington Post article dated March 11, 2007, described the current Sears as a hedge fund with money being diverted from the maintenance and improvement of stores to non-retail financial investments. Management was so distracted by the Big Deals they missed a little something called the inter-net. Leadership in

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