26 Minds on Standby

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26 Minds on Standby

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26 minds on standby SMASHWORDS intro

We are all very very different. And this story shows exactly how very different twenty six minds inside a pub can be.

The following story comes in 26 separate parts (kind of like 26 pieces of flash fiction, but all linked in someway), and can be read in any order.

For example you could read the story in the traditional way from start to finish (this is the way I wrote the story), but this is the boring way to read it (and I'd rather you didn't). The story is supposed to be like a jigsaw, with each person reading it in a completely different way to the next. The purpose of this is so that each reader will realise different plot points at different stages as some of the stories interconnect with others.

Hopefully this will mean that everyone's experience as they read the story will be different.

To make mixing up the story easier, I have chosen to write it in 26 parts. The reason for this is that if you use a pack of playing cards you can match each card with the below list until all parts have been read.

Part 1_The Up And Coming Writer
Part 2_The Spirit Of Writing
Part 3_Derick The Husband
Part 4_Marge The Wife
Part 5_Little Selma The Four Year Old Daughter
Part 6_The Balding Man In the Gray Suit
Part 7_The Filler Men_PETER
Part 8_The Filler Men_PAUL
Part 9_Fucked (well and truly)
Part 10_Bob The Bastard "Landlord of the Weeping Dragon"
Part 11_Gretta The Ice Queen "Landlady of the Weeping Dragon"
Part 12_Hilda The Bitch "Bargirl of the Weeping Dragon"
Part 13_Syrill The Fool
Part 14_Billy's Story
Part 15_The Heetman
Part 16_The Kipper Feels The Heet
Part 17_The Mighty Quinn Versus The Shameful Plug
Part 18_The Shit Shock Horror Thing
Part 19_Marge "The Third Landlady of the Weeping Dragon"
Part 20_Archie The Superat
Part 21_Thelma Stockfield "The Songwriter And Guitarist"
Part 22_Morris Tinkleton "The Singer And The Complete And Utter Cock"
Part 23_The Brown Man
Part 24_The Ark Angels Ronald's Quest For Alcohol
Part 25_The Ultimate Atheist

Here's some examples:

Part 1_any black ace (or one)_The Spirit Of Writing

Part 2_ any red ace (or one)_The Up And Coming Writer

Part 23 _ any black Queen_ The Brown Man

Part 24 _ any red Queen_The Ark Angels Ronald’s Quest For Alcohol

Part 9_any red five_Fucked (well and truly)

Part 16_any black nine_The Kipper Feels The Heet

And so on and so forth...

Anyway that's all from me for now. Hope you enjoy the story.

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