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Damsels of Distress, Damsels on the Drive

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Damsels of Distress, Damsels on the Drive

Longueur: 78 pages1 heure


The second installment in the Damsels of Distress series of shorts! The titular female mercenary gang needs to lay low after their previous heist. What better way than to head out away from civilization and into the wild country? The gang accepts a gig from a rancher as hired guns on a cattle drive. Little do they know that they walk into more trouble than they expect when a crazed centaur war chief comes after the herd. The rancher and his cowboys may also be keeping some things from them. Fortunately for the Damsels, they rarely find themselves in a situation that cannot be rectified with firearms. And when guns fail, they can always rely on subterfuge.

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