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Walt Disney World Extreme Vacation Guide for Kids

Walt Disney World Extreme Vacation Guide for Kids

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Walt Disney World Extreme Vacation Guide for Kids

146 pages
49 minutes
Mar 2, 2014


When kids find out they're going to Walt Disney World, they're psyched. Then they find out they have to wait weeks (or even months!) and they start getting...well, a little Goofy.

This book will give kids something to do with all that wiggly extra energy. Making their own Epcot hideaway? Discovering edible "fiber optics"? Creating a working "genie lamp" for a bank? Oh, yeah.

Packed with more than 30 projects, this book lets kids:

LEARN how to make their own spending money for the trip (saving you cash and teaching them responsibility at the same time!)
MAKE practical projects like matching T-shirts, autograph books, and a towel that transforms into a tote for the water parks
CREATE a magical, interactive genie bottle bank to stash all the money they earn
BUILD a fun Mickey pinata with pre-trip movie night ideas
EXPLORE science-behind-the-magic projects like a wave tank to explore the science of Typhoon Lagoon and an incredible magnetic desk toy that reveals the secrets of Rock 'n' Roller Coaster

And when kids come home and are struggling with "re-entry" into everyday life, there are 10 projects to help them enjoy and share their memories.

There's also a chapter on DISNEY-THEMED TRAVEL ACTIVITIES to keep them busy during the trip from home to their vacation destination.

It's not just a picture book for kids with Mickey and Donald. This is an EXTREME VACATION PLANNER...just for them!

Mar 2, 2014

À propos de l'auteur

It all started with a four-inch book written in green crayon on peach paper, called "The Rabbet and Dog and Cat." Yes, I realize that's not how rabbit is spelled. I know that now. But when I was five, I wasn't worried about the spelling. I was too busy creating my masterpiece ("illustrated by the author"). Today, my features appear in publications such as: Parents, Better Homes & Gardens, Family Circle, American Baby, FamilyFun, Woman's Day, Ladies' Home Journal, and others. I write more than just features, though. My fiction includes a middle grade adventure (SUMMER AT FORT TARMETTO: SEARCH FOR REGINALD PEPPERS' LEG), a chick lit series (HALFSIE), and a forthcoming young adult novel (SHE). I've also written a Disney activity book for kids (WALT DISNEY WORLD EXTREME VACATION GUIDE FOR KIDS), available here on Smashwords and other retailers. And I've written nine science books for kids in print with Nomad Press. They're available on Nomad's site (www.nomadpress.net) and at book sellers. Drop me a line -- I'd love to connect with you!

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Aperçu du livre

Walt Disney World Extreme Vacation Guide for Kids - Kate Reigstad


You’re Going to Walt Disney World!

If you just found out you’re heading to Florida’s most popular hot spot, congratulations! If you’ve never visited Walt Disney World, you’re in for an amazing experience. And if you’re a veteran, you may be surprised to discover things you didn’t on past trips.

Walt Disney World Resort is 47 square miles loaded with excitement. That’s bigger than some small towns! There are live action shows like the Lights, Motor, Action! stunt car show and the Festival of the Lion King. There are fast rides like the Rock ’n’ Roller Coaster, and calm rides like It’s A Small World. There are snacks like the giant turkey leg that’s almost as big as your little sister’s head and everyone’s favorite, the Mickey Ice Cream Bar. There are fireworks with music and lasers. Parades. Street entertainers. And of course, there are the Disney characters roaming about, greeting you.

Sounds like a lot to cram into one vacation, doesn’t it? You’re right. A place as big as Walt Disney World can be overwhelming if you don’t plan your trip. If you’ve got months before your visit, you’ll have plenty of time to plan and prepare. But even if you’ve got less time, there is still plenty to do to maximize your experience.

This book will:

Show you how to make money to spend on your trip

Give you helpful projects to make to use on your trip

Show you projects to make to get a peek into the science behind the magic

Give you suggestions for taking the best photos during your trip

Share some secrets to find the extra-special Disney magic

Give you projects to capture your memories when you return

If your parents got their own guide book for Walt Disney World, you’ll be able to work together to figure out the best touring plan for your family. You can cross-pollinate, or compare notes, between their book and yours.

Ready to get started? (As Mickey would say, Everyone neat and pretty? Then on with the show!)


Look through this guidebook to get familiar with what you’ll experience at Walt Disney World

Decide which projects are right for you, and start gathering materials

Begin work on the projects

Don’t forget to read Chapter Two well ahead of your trip—you can start making money right away!

Remember, read through the entire list of directions for each project before you dive in! That way, you’ll know ahead of time what you’re doing and won’t make a mistake that you’ll have to re-do.

Also, as you flip through the projects, you’ll see a lot of the projects have an accompanying Minnie Project. That’s if you want to do something quick-and-easy, or if you’ve got a younger brother or sister who wants to do projects, too.

NOTE: If you need images or templates for some of the projects, go to http://www.polkadotsuitcase.com/wdwevg/templates.html to download.


Do you want a FREE hard copy of this book, to see more images and full-size templates in print? Visit http://www.polkadotsuitcase.com/wdwevg/specialoffer.html and just pay the shipping fee!

CHAPTER ONE: Planning Your Trip

You may be thinking, Planning? What planning? We’re just going to go and do whatever we want as the mood hits us! That might be a good strategy for a lot of vacations (or even a lazy Saturday at home). But with a place as vast as Walt Disney World (WDW), you’re going to want to do at least some planning. It’s one of those times where a little effort now will pay off big time later. (Yeah, kind of like studying for a test.)

Chances are, your parents are probably planning most of the trip—when you go, how you’re getting there, where you’ll be staying, and all that detail stuff. But don’t worry—that’s the boring part anyway. You can help plan the fun parts—which attractions you’ll see, where you’ll eat, even what kiosk you’re going to score a turkey leg from.

World at a Glance

Walt Disney World is a giant chunk of land: about ¾ the size of Washington, DC! Within the boundaries of the property, there are four different theme parks:

Magic Kingdom – The iconic castle is here, along with attractions like Dumbo, Splash Mountain, and Jungle Cruise.

Epcot – This is the park with the giant golf ball. Here you’ll find attractions like Test Track, Mission: Space, and 11 country pavilions (Mexico, England, Canada, and others).

Disney’s Hollywood Studios – This park is home to the giant sorcerer’s cap. You’ll also find attractions like Twilight Zone, Tower of Terror, Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster, and Muppet Vision 3D and a lot of live-action shows.

Animal Kingdom – It’s not a zoo, but its focus is on animals and conservation. You can take a safari, ride down river rapids, and see real animals here.

There are also two water parks on the property:

Typhoon Lagoon – This water park has a tropical theme. You’ll find a huge wave pool – one of the largest in the world. There are also water slides, tube rides, and a gentle river you can drift on around the park.

Blizzard Beach – Fashioned after a ski resort, Blizzard Beach has winter-themed slides, rides, and attractions. There’s also a big bobbing-wave pool where you can lazily float on a tube.

Here’s the Theme

Each hotel in WDW has a different theme, from sports and movies to a tropical or Southern feel. You might be staying at one of these, or you could be staying off-site, at another hotel that’s not on Disney property, but still close to the action.

Each park or hotel has unique, themed restaurants, too. You can sit in a car at an indoor drive in watching a movie while you eat at the Sci-Fi Dine-In. At the Coral Reef Restaurant, you could be seated beside a huge tank filled with real sea life. Or try Disney’s Spirit of Aloha Dinner Show! There are dozens of fun restaurant experiences like these all over WDW. And of course there are lots of character meals where your favorite characters come up to your table to meet you while you eat.

Gathering Intel

The first step to planning is getting all the info you need.

TRAVEL GUIDES. Your parents probably have their own guide books. You’ve got this one. Get together and go between this book and theirs to figure out the best plan of action. And do the projects in this book to help everyone be better prepared, too!

MAPS. You’ll need to get a picture of how everything’s laid out. If you go to WDW’s website (www.disneyworld.com), you can find maps of each of the parks. Take a good look at how everything’s arranged. You don’t want to be wandering around for hours mindlessly—you’ll miss half the fun! (And get really sore feet.)

WEBSITES. WDW’s website also has loads of images and videos of attractions, dining options, and hotels. (But you probably already know that.) Spend

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