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Winner of a Lambda Literary Award for Gay Men's Science Fiction and bestselling novel, Secret Matter returns to print--and to Kindle--in a revised edition for the 21st century.

By Toby Johnson, author of Gay Perspective, ". . . a writer with a positive vision and a wonderful attitude" --Philadelphia Gay News

When human-like Visitors arrive in the skies, the mysteries begin. Where are they really from? Why have they come to Earth? What's the secret they're protecting? And why is one of them apparently flirting with the young architect Kevin Anderson who's just moved to San Francisco to help in the rebuilding after the "Big One," the earthquake that destroyed the City.

Were the Visitors responsible? Or have they come to save the Earth from more such immense earthquakes & disasters? Enjoy discovering the "secrets."

BONUS with this edition:"Adam and Steve"--a whimsical tale by Toby Johnson about a profound insight.

Published: Lethe Press, Inc. on
ISBN: 9781452403540
List price: $3.00
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