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Miming in French

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Miming in French

Longueur: 219 pages3 heures


When Livvie is forced to move to France with her mom after her parents’ divorce, she feels like she’ll never fit in. For one thing, everybody in her new school speaks a different language. But soon she makes friends with another girl in class named Malika, who’s an outsider too. Malika is French, but she’s also a Muslim. Together, with the help of a mysterious street mime, the two girls learn the meaning of true friendship. But will their classmates ever learn to accept them? And will their parents ever get over their own prejudices?

Written with vivid detail, this debut novel captures what it’s like to move to another country, and how the experience, and the people you meet, can often turn out to be very different from what you may expect.

What people are saying about Miming in French:

“Miming in French is a fascinating story of friendship that transcends ethnic and religious boundaries. Livvie and Malika, through their interactions, teach us the importance of empathy, love, and compassion in an ever interconnected world. I highly recommend this book to anyone who believes in the power of friendship.” Zohra Safi, law student from Afghanistan

“Miming in French tells the story of Livvie, an American girl bewildered by being transplanted to southern France. Her point of view is deftly conveyed, in part through Sheila McGrory-Klyza's skillful use of dialogue throughout. Essential to the narrative is also an exploration of what it means to become comfortable in a new language and to gain insight into unfamiliar cultures. Livvie's growing friendships with her Muslim school-friend Lika and the mime Albert help to develop these themes even as they also contribute in exciting ways to the novel's dramatic, highly satisfying conclusion.” John Elder, author of Reading the Mountains of Home, The Frog Run, and Pilgrimage to Vallombrosa

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