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Face The Music, The Devil's In The Detail

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Face The Music, The Devil's In The Detail

Longueur: 322 pages5 heures


A story born in Ellixton, London's 33rd Borough

Brutal, thought provoking, sexually and politically incorrect. Conspiracies explored through the eyes of a rising star, no holds barred. If the conspiracies about the music industry are true, we will all be forced to:

Face The Music.

When Richard ‘Kold Blud’ Mensie, a north London gang member, secures a top ten hit in the pop charts, occultist elements in the music industry take note. North London street culture and sinister secret societies collide in this irreverent tale, resulting in a horrifyingly good thriller, that will leave you asking: ‘what if...’

A figure appeared within the smoke, accompanied by a sinister rhythm. It sounded like the beat and the bassline were having noisy and passionate sex within the speakers. Its unholy union giving birth to beautiful music, unnaturally seductive to those listening, the crowd erupted. The figure on the stage began to spit:

“My guns talk...”

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