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The Company You Keep: Leading and Managing in the Era of Shareholder Value

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The Company You Keep: Leading and Managing in the Era of Shareholder Value

Longueur: 91 pages1 heure


This entertaining book is different from any other of its kind. The “shareholder value” era has meant the transition of corporate governance from "retain and reinvest" to "downsize and distribute." The changed landscape has been the root cause of anxiety and insecurity from the executive suites to the shop floor, and is the primary source of corporate dysfunction today. The author, a retired senior executive, takes on many of the sacred cows and enduring problems, including the leadership industry, the “culture change” epidemic, HR’s preoccupation with metrics, poor communication, death-by-meeting, and, especially, the mistreatment of people through practices that range from patronizing to perverse.
Over eighteen chapters within five major headings--"You, in Charge," "The Big Picture," "The Day-to-Day," "Communication," and "The Care and Feeding of People," this concise and highly readable work critiques the standard remedies offered by management gurus and offers practical, effective measures to create a productive workplace with engaged employees. The proposals are straightforward, sensible and contrary to much of what passes for the common wisdom.
Each chapter discussion is followed by step-by-step recommendations to transform an enterprise chasing the elusive trio of alignment, accountability and execution, and without enduring the distraction and heartbreak of a failed “culture change” initiative. “The Company You Keep” will prove to be a book you won’t forget, one whose lessons can be employed throughout your career, and will serve you well as a manager and leader. You will nod your head, laugh, and most of all, learn.
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