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Fire Down the Valley (Gay Historical Romance)

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Fire Down the Valley (Gay Historical Romance)

Note : 1 sur 5 étoiles1/5 (1 évaluation)
Longueur: 102 pages1 heure


Warning: Adults Only - contains graphic sex scenes.

As civilization begins to reach the Colorado of the late 1870s in the form of roads and telegraph lines snaking west, young Cal, thrust into the world of the white man without even knowing his birth name, faces wars between worlds he can’t fully place himself in.

When the cavalry arrived to move the Arapaho into reservations, Cal, the sole survivor of a wagon train massacre and raised by the Arapaho, is “rescued.” Pulled out of the only life he remembers. He subsequently is fostered by a sheep herding family in a Rocky Mountain valley on the verge of a range war between the cattlemen, the sheep men, and the farmers as the latter began to fence the land, and is thus caught between worlds, none of which he can completely identify with.

Cal also finds himself torn in finding his sexual identity, tossed between an Arapaho brave, a half-breed cowboy, and a cruel ranch owner.

Calamitous events in the unsettling birthing of Colorado and the effects of encroaching eastern civilization claw at Cal to take sides and make momentous decisions of his own—if the men who matter in his life will give him choices.

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