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Kai-Zen: Breathing Life Into Leadership

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Kai-Zen: Breathing Life Into Leadership

Longueur: 117 pages2 heures


Kai-Zen explores how twenty first century, emergent leaders can re-ignite the work culture, bridge the generational gap while re-energizing their own passion for life.
Author Inger Andress, uses substantial sources of research to show how humanizing the workplace will ultimately bring success to any organization. She understands that the fulfilled life is aware of its passions and desires. Without this chemistry from within, life is viewed as work and work as life. The goal is to help find the part of you that instigated this journey of leadership and continue to move forward towards an entity that gives you life, in turn, gifting life back to your people and to the world.
The desperation that develops when one misses this step brings a sense of being trapped within the walls of your leadership role. This will contribute to the shutting down of any vibrant energy and innovative thought in daily life.
How do you prevent yourself from getting to this point? How do you get out if you are already submerged?
How do you allow multi generations to collaborate and enjoy working alongside each other in such diversity?
The book brings awareness to the position of opportunity that all leaders have in any spectrum of life whether it be in business, non-profit, military, entertainment, athletics and academics. Unveiling authentic leadership brings back flavor and zest into your life.
Kai-Zen communicates these leadership concepts and breaks them down into bite size pieces for implementing how to breathe innovation into your people and restore life into you the leader.

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