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This is the book your investment manager doesn't want you to read.

The 3D value investing strategy exists to help investors achieve superior returns on long-term investments, reduce risk through better selection of stocks and diversification, understand what a share price should be and when to buy in and sell out. Using the techniques, principles and dimensions detailed in this book, we are achieving at least 20% returns p.a. consistently and you can too. All by yourself.

We are independent investors. When we set out, like so many others, we worked with investment managers. But we grew frustrated when our returns were not as great as we'd hoped. So we decided to do it ourselves.

For six years, we devised, experimented, revised and refined our investment strategy. Applying three clear dimensions to our investments proved key to our best successes. Those dimensions were fundamental analysis, valuation and timing. 3D value investing was born.

This is a long-term investment strategy that ignores all market media buzz, trends and fashions, looking only at hard financial facts. Developed from seeds sown originally by the value investing pioneers, Benjamin Graham and Warren Buffett, we have created and streamlined a series of very specific processes. When these are applied to reported financial information from listed businesses around the world we see deeply into those businesses, get a clear view of their strengths and weaknesses and determine their fair value. We've also developed a technique to forecast the best time to buy in and sell out.

In order to apply our 3D value investing processes to 40,000+ businesses worldwide we built an online tool called STRIDE. Using this platform we are now investing in businesses across every major stock market in the world, reducing our risk through extreme diversification by investing in multiple geographies, currencies and sectors.

We were certain we could devise a strategy that would make us better returns independently than we ever saw with an investment manager. And we were right.

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ISBN: 9781311426826
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    For the prospective investor, lack of choice is not a problem.

    Excluding over-the-counter stocks, there are currently around 40,000 companies listed on stock markets across the globe. In their quest to recognise nuggets of value among mountains of what often transpires to be fool’s gold, investors seek the counsel of advisers, scrutinise analyst opinions, study patterns, waves and trends.

    Despite all the information laced around the constant flux of the markets, investors frequently make the wrong decisions, opting instead to follow the herd of others buying when share prices are going up and selling when they are going down. This emotional response to the inevitable volatility of the stock market effectively turns it into a roulette wheel.

    3D Value Investing (3D VI) is the antithesis of stock market speculation. Using specific principles and processes, investors learn how to triangulate the best possible targets for their investments.

    No investment is totally risk-free. But by employing the rules of 3D VI, prospective investors minimise risk by understanding the true, fair value of a business through fundamental analysis. We learn what the share price should be and therefore only buy stock when it is being sold at a discount. Finally, we sell the stock when trends are driving the price up; the time when other investors are being urged to buy.

    3D Value Investors (3D VIs) are aware of the