Inappropriate Behaviour

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Inappropriate Behaviour

Longueur: 130 pages1 heure


Inappropriate Behaviour has a magnetism as alluring as the sirens, summoning readers to revel in the coy seduction that preludes desire, the truths women deny and the longing they supress, unleashed in startling moments of betrayal, loss, and reclamation. Mock widens the threshold–exposing a desire not only for touch, but for understanding, for family, for a love which satiates more than the physical appetite. With wry humour and tender intensity Mock unveils heroic acts of domestic courage which transform and confront modern marriages, divided loyalties and sexual politics as few contemporary writers have dared. Each of these 11 stories, whether haunting or heartbreaking, alights on the tongue ripe with the bittersweet perfection Eve enjoyed in sampling the forbidden fruit. Mock pushes the limits of emotional intimacy, tempting us to admit what we have guarded with precious secrecy–we want it all. In this collection, we may have found it.

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