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Heroin Addict's Handbook

Heroin Addict's Handbook

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Heroin Addict's Handbook

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May 6, 2013


This ebook contains information about heroin, heroin addiction and the heroin addict, for relatives, friends, those working with addicts, and for addicts themselves. What heroin addiction is, how it works, how the heroin addict can protect him or herself, and ways to combat heroin addiction.

Knowledge is power, and you can never know enough about a subject of importance. If you are involved with heroin addiction or heroin addicts, this book will be very helpful to you. If you have any questions relating to the information in this book, email me. I will reply promptly.

Good bye and good luck!

Phillip Duke Ph.D.

May 6, 2013

À propos de l'auteur

Phillip Duke B.S., Ph.D. is a graduate of UCLA with the B.S. in Chemistry, and of USC with the Ph,D. in Experimental Pathology/Biochemistry.  Now retired, he writes on various aspects of life. His most popular titles:are: Jack the Ripper vs. Sherlock Holmes HEROIN God's Own Medicine Folly of the Hydrogen Bomb Starship To New Earth Now Karma GOLDEN SHOWERS Stories by Phyllis All 26 published titles are described on Philduke.weebly.com.  Any of  Dr. Phil's ebooks will be gifted to you on  request, simply email drpduke@wmconnect.com. All readers are invited to contact Dr. Phil Duke by email. An ancient saying- "The mills of the Gods grind very slowly, but they grind very fine." Buena suerta, y vaya con Dios!  

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Heroin Addict's Handbook - Phillip Duke




Phillip Duke Ph.D.

Copyright © 2011 by Phillip Duke Ph.D. all rights reserved.


Here you will find information that is useful and practical for the heroin addict, and his and her family and friends; information telling how the heroin addict and family and friends can overcome full-blown heroin addiction's terrible hold, and can survive and triumph over the degradation, terror, horror and risk of death associated with heroin addiction.

This ebook's central subjects are HEROIN, THE HEROIN ADDICT, AND HEROIN ADDICTION.

Different things impact heroin addiction, to understand it you must also understand them, and so they are discussed, but the central subjects remains the same; heroin, the heroin addict and heroin addiction. I say what things are, and explain how they work, in a simple, easy to understand way that is technically correct. There are nine chapters, with the following subjects:

What Makes An Addict, What Opiates (Narcotics) Are, How Morphine, Codeine And Heroin Work, How Heroin Addiction Works, The Heroin Addict And Society, Addicts And Pushers, Kicking The Habit, Helpful Hints For Addicts, and It's Your Life.

Reading this ebook is not a substitute for seeing a physician. No book is. If you have or suspect you have a medical problem, see a physician without delay.

To facilitate sample reading the ebook’s Front Materials including Notice Of Copyright, Table Of Contents, and listing of my Other Books has been located to the rear.

I have written and published several ebooks relating to addiction. They complement (add to) each other, I advise reading them. All my ebooks are listed by genre, described and linked on my website Philduke.weebly.com. If you cannot purchase an ebook of interest, just email me the title, and I will send it to you.

Chapter One

What Is A Heroin Addict?

An addict is a person, for whom something has become very necessary, and the more necessary it is, the stronger the addiction. To be addicting a substance must produce pleasurable or unusual affects. A number of substances are addicting, but many people believe that heroin is the most powerfully addicting substance.

Heroin is an entirely illegal substance in many countries, for example in the United States of America, where it has no medical application. Where there is medical application, as in Great Britain, it is strictly controlled by prescription, and persons in possession of heroin without a prescription are breaking the law. The legal intent of heroin possession without prescription is generally determined by quantity, and above a certain quantity possession with intent to sell is the usual charge. It usually carries a considerably more severe penalty than simple possession

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