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Heroin Horror God's Own Medicine Two

Heroin Horror God's Own Medicine Two

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Heroin Horror God's Own Medicine Two

42 pages
30 minutes
Mar 15, 2013


It is summer in the terribly hot stinking Southside Chicago slaughterhouse that is now a Heroin shooting gallery, and the older of three Heroin addicts is telling the other two, a man and a woman, about this place they are in.

The addicts are sittng on utterly filthy burst open mattresses, covered with thick black stinking crusts. The crusts are made of every filth the sick human body can produce, and in some cases also made of what was left of dead bodies.

"There were lepers living here, and when parts of their bodies rotted away and fell off,  they were incorporated into the thick stinking mattress crusts. When they finally died, what was left also incorporated."

So begins Phillip Duke's continuation masterpiece of his best-selling "HEROIN God's Own Medicine." In it a cannibal pusher tells a junkie, "I never heard screaming like that, since I was a kid, and the hogs ate Grandma."

Whether or not you have read "HEROIN God's Own Medicine," you will enjoy reading "Heroin Horror God's Own Medicine Two."

The subject of Heroin horror is not for everyone. If reading about the utterly depraved and horror filled lives of Heroin addicts may offend you, please do not read thts book.

If you like reading horror stories, you will like reading this book, go ahead and read it.

Phillip Duke

Mar 15, 2013

À propos de l'auteur

Phillip Duke B.S., Ph.D. is a graduate of UCLA with the B.S. in Chemistry, and of USC with the Ph,D. in Experimental Pathology/Biochemistry.  Now retired, he writes on various aspects of life. His most popular titles:are: Jack the Ripper vs. Sherlock Holmes HEROIN God's Own Medicine Folly of the Hydrogen Bomb Starship To New Earth Now Karma GOLDEN SHOWERS Stories by Phyllis All 26 published titles are described on Philduke.weebly.com.  Any of  Dr. Phil's ebooks will be gifted to you on  request, simply email drpduke@wmconnect.com. All readers are invited to contact Dr. Phil Duke by email. An ancient saying- "The mills of the Gods grind very slowly, but they grind very fine." Buena suerta, y vaya con Dios!  

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Aperçu du livre

Heroin Horror God's Own Medicine Two - Phillip Duke

Table of Contents

HEROIN HORROR God’s Own Medicine Two

Introductory Synopsis

HEROIN HORROR God’s Own Medicine Two | Chapter One | Cattle

Chapter Two | The Room

Chapter Three | Pee

Chapter Four | Deep Fat Fried

Chapter Five | Man And Woman

Chapter Six | Heroin

Chapter Seven | Tony Pusher Man

Chapter Eight | Cold Turkey

Chapter Nine | Fixing

Chapter Ten | The Ants

The End

HEROIN HORROR God’s Own Medicine Two

By Phillip Duke

Copyright © 2012 Phillip Duke all rights reserved.

Introductory Synopsis

Imagine you are in what was once a cattle slaughterhouse. Cattle are no longer slaughtered here, but slaughtering of a different sort is still going on. It is midsummer on Chicago’s Southside; the slaughterhouse is stifling hot from the burning sun, and terribly humid from lake Michigan nearby. The places where windows were are all boarded up, covered over with heavy sheets of plywood. There is not a breath of fresh air anywhere in the slaughterhouse, instead there is something horrible in the air, there is a terrible stink. The stink is of long dead cattle, of old rotting meat, of decaying body parts of all kinds; livers, lungs, kidneys, brains, all rotted together; the very worst is the utterly ghastly horrific stinking smell of blood slime, and blood slime is everywhere.

The utterly terrible stink is indescribably bad; with every breath, it makes you want to puke your guts out. It is the stink of death, and death always leaves heritages of itself, indelible and unforgettable reminders for the living, and horrible as it is, the stink of death is not the only reminder, and bad as it is, it is not the worst; listen, and you will hear the ghastly sounds of death, of the cattle screaming. Each one entered with hope, and the desire to live; old and young, male and female, virgin and pregnant, each one died screaming, first in fear, and then in terrible agony, while it was butchered alive...

Once upon a time, a long time ago, you were a human being, and master of yourself; here and now you are no longer a human being, or master of anything; now you are a Heroin addict, a junkie, slave of the cruel, merciless master Heroin. Heroin is the agent on this Earth of man’s ancient enemy, Satan, the Devil, and when Heroin is your Master, you are really serving the source of ultimate evil, the Devil himself.

So begins Phillip Duke’s new masterpiece of Heroin addiction horror, HEROIN God’s Own Medicine Two. Building on the best-selling success of HEROIN God’s Own Medicine, this book of ultimate Heroin addiction horror also demonstrates Phillip Duke’s mastery of the addiction horror genre.  Again, you are in the Southside slaughterhouse, alone with your fears in that ghastly shooting gallery of ultimate degradation, terror, horror and death. This book is not for the squeamish, or for

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