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The year is 2018, the place is New World, and the event is the 3rd Annual Fight Tournament. Forty contestants are pitted against each other; ten are expected to be alive at the end of the game...

When 17-year old Alex King and secret crush Mercy Damalie are chosen to represent their district, Alex finds himself stuck between two choices — to accept Mercy's father's offer and escape with them, leaving his own family behind, or to go to the tournament alone.

To keep his widowed mother from losing her only son, and Mercy's father from losing another daughter, Alex is determined to stay alive. But staying alive is only one part of the puzzle. And when he discovers he has an adversary who is determined to make sure he does not live to see another day, things can get sour very quickly...

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ISBN: 9781498981026
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Blood Tournament - King Samuel Benson

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T his is one intense read! Brutally captivating in drawing the reader into the storyline, Incredible in keeping the level of tension up throughout the book. BLOOD TOURNAMENT IS A GRITTY FACE PACE TALE THAT BEGS TO BE PLACED ON THE BIG SCREEN.

– Dennis Waller (Amazon Top 500 Reviewer)

This young author has actually dethroned The Hunger Games if you were to ask me... The book is full of action and excitement. The energy is high and the tension is stretched to the limits.

– Caglevision

Don’t start this book until you know for sure that you have the time to finish it, because you will not be able to put it down!

– E. McNew (Author of ‘Testing the Waters’)

As the energy and tension kept escalating, so did my speed of reading... Although it may resemble Hunger Games, there are many differences. The former is for the weak at heart, but Blood Tournament is for those who can only handle the true adventure and heartbreak of the games.

– Izzibella Beau

To start off with a book that’s so intricately developed and to find the rhythm required to keep pace in delivery from start to finish is an awesome accomplishment.

– Cathy Wilson

RAW, BRUTAL AND GRIPPING SPIN ON THE HUNGER GAMES... What I adore most about this book is the raw tension and the way the characters are so much real than in other science fiction or dystopian thrillers.

– Christoph Fischer Books (Amazon Top 500 Reviewer)

Mr. Benson builds a rich dystopian world that anyone would be afraid to live in. The story is filled with breathtaking action, and intense relationships and seemingly insurmountable challenges that will keep you riveted.

– Lisanne Lombardo

If you think this dark view of future earth is impossible, think again. If you think the human race has evolved past the barbaric mentality of ancient Rome, think again!

– Kwadzana

Impossible to put down! This book is stirring, tough, and filled with tension!

– Bill Nelson

If you think you got the thrills with Hunger Games, you’re about to be blown away! Blood Tournament isn’t just a novel; it’s an experience! The action is steaming hot! The scenes are engrossing! Characters can never be more real! I’VE NEVER BEEN CAPTIVATED BY A NOVEL MY WHOLE LIFE!

– John Butcher

The author has a talent that you do not see in many writers of this generation. A MUST READ!!

– Johnnie

There is a part which I feel ‘Hunger Games’ was weak... that’s why I find ‘Blood Tournament’ more enjoyable: it is grimmer in tone, faster in pace and more action-packed.

– JS Review

Hunger Games, but with a better twist! King Samuel Benson writes with such captivating, mind-gripping tension that you only pull away when you want to gasp for air.

– Damian Stevenson (Amazon bestselling author of ‘Solstice’ and ‘The Ian Fleming Files’)


– Author Casey Harvell

Hunger Games rewritten! Immensely heated!

– Rabid Reader

Blood Tournament didn’t just entertain me; it swept me off my feet! King Samuel Benson writes with a gripping, tense pace that hooks you throughout the book and leaves you breathless at the end.

– Peter Martin


– Lorraine Carey


Since the release of the wildly popular Hunger Games series of books, authors have been riding on the bandwagon writing their own dystopian future books about kids surviving in oppressive times and using their teen antics to outsmart the vile, villainous government, which usually takes on the form of middle-aged adults. A metaphor towards the youthful rebels riding on their motorcycles in their leather jackets, feeling the wind rush through their hair, wanting to break free from the world of the system and be their own individuals; while the government are always bringing them down, forcing them to conform, and in doing so their freedom and identity dies, leaving them empty husks of their former selves: tools for the system and all its enforcements. Only the strongest can survive with their spirits unbroken and their lives still free in a future where the more things change in appearance, the more they stay the same in the oppressors’ mannerism.

Blood Tournament is no exception to this rebellious teen and domineering adult symbolism, but what elevates it above the others, including the acclaimed founder The Hunger Games, is the darker, grittier, edgier tone which its glossier counterpart greatly lacks. You feel for these kids, you know they’re fighting for their lives and a brutal demise awaits those who are not strong enough to slay their opponent; think the unforgiving no holds barred barbaric nature of Battle Royal mixed with the satire on coliseum toned fights to the death returning as the main source of entertainment from The Running Man packaged in a Hunger Games themed façade.

Blood Tournament reminds me of the glorious times in the 80s when an Italian copy of its American bigger budgeted brother was released on a daily basis. The US film was always much more restricted to Hollywood conventions and confined to telling a straight forward story to please audiences, while the Italian copy was free to get down and dirty, it could shock, surprise and entertain for being an off-the-wall unconventional rendition.

Those familiar with movies like Hell of the Living Dead, 2019: After the Fall of New York and Strike Commando will know exactly what I mean.

If you’re a fan of The Hunger Games or even new to the sub-genre and a fan of sci-fi in general, give Blood Tournament a look. Fans of the popular series will no doubt enjoy it for its similar storyline, while newcomers and sci-fi fans may enjoy it for its gritty dystopian sci-fi tone.

– P.M. Thomas,

New York Times Bestselling Author,

Indiana, U.S.A.


The world of King Samuel Benson’s 2018 series—with this as debut entry—has fought off a mysterious alien invasion and has been taken over by a new government with the militarism and fascistic mind control that have been featured in dystopian literature from Orwell’s 1984 all the way to Hunger Games. Our entry point into this world is Alex King, a displaced Nigerian youth with a cool head and an indomitable will. Alex along with his best friend Mercy and their hot-tempered adversary Ibrahim are drafted into the Blood Tournament, a form of arena fighting with girl-boy teams from different regions. This novel also features werewolves and cyborg soldiers, which, combined with the alien-invasion background, should mean the series will go in a radically different direction than any dystopian novel I’ve read before.

This is Benson’s first novel, and as a first novel, it’s quite accomplished, with some sharp characterization and complicated world building. The story and dialogue flow very nicely and sustain interest on every page. A lot more has to be done to flesh out the world, as is promised for the next book in the series, which should be released soon. This volume is mostly about establishing the setting and the situation and getting us familiar with Alex King, who looks likely to be the protagonist of the entire 2018 series. Alex’s steely nerves, self-confidence, and optimism make him the ideal young man to confront the challenges of his world.

I’m especially pleased to recommend this book because King Samuel Benson represents an authentic voice from Nigeria, a country that is not well-represented in the world of independent publishing. I believe him to be a very positive-minded young man with the drive and toughness needed to succeed in any industry.

– Matt Posner,

Author of School of the Ages Series and How to Write Dialogue

Co-author of Teen Guide to Sex and Relationships



2018 Series

Book One


THIS BOOK IS A WORK of fiction. The opinions of the characters in this book do not necessarily constitute those of the author. Names, characters, places, and incidents are either the product of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously, and any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, business establishments, events, or locales is entirely coincidental. These should be construed as an act of God to which the author had nothing consciously to do.

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Blood Tournament

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All rights reserved.

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Published by Eritail Publishing

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First published in 2012 / First printed in 2014

Revised/Reprinted in 2015

Printed in U.S.A., United Kingdom, Nigeria and Europe dependently.

ISBN: 1505894697 

ISBN-13: 978-1505894691

This book is for DiAnne Ebejer who introduced me to my first writers’ group ‘The Writers Circle’ on Facebook. I can look back to this point in my life and mark it as my first real entrance into the artistic-literary world.



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My gratitude goes to the almighty God who gave me the strength and perseverance to start and finish this book over the course of seven months. My appreciation also goes to my mate Darlington Onyeka Daniel who had to put up with me borrowing his PC for weeks after my laptop became faulty. A true friend, that guy!

In writing this book, I have borrowed ideas, concepts and languages from more sources than I care to remember, all of which constitute the collective sum of my knowledge and experiences; and since I can only draw from my own bank of knowledge, experiences and imagination, it sort of amuses me when some people bash me for stealing someone else’s idea.

Majority of my readers agree that Blood Tournament follows Suzanne Collins’ The Hunger Games theme, and I’ve actually had a few readers give me unfavourable reviews just for this reason. I find this most especially funny because I haven’t even read The Hunger Games, and I’m sure the more discerning readers will find this fact obvious after reading Blood Tournament. In the end, everyone will eventually have a chance to arrive at their own conclusions. I thank you for your time.

ANOTHER STAGE OF A lonely existence,

You’ve always been all that I wanted;

If I should course through life with this difference,

Please do not take it all for granted.

You were in my dreams again the other night,

The only place where you are truly mine;

Where for our togetherness I don’t have to fight,

Where residents of a timeless world dine.

How many of these nights make up my life,

On whose awakening is my only proof of being alive?

No more shall I be able to take things in my stride,

Not when you’ve rent apart the touchstone of my pride.

If you’ll because of this rip my heart asunder,

Remember to save the memories for the one who comes after;

Only then can my soul be freed from Love’s bother,

And find its rightful place in the land of the Nether.

Dank existence, burning with the zest of go-getters,

Where failed souls are kept in locks and fetters:

Dust, grime, and sudorific pain cloud all that I do;

In the midst of these agonies, I’ll remember you.

— King Samuel Benson, Descent of the Failed



W atch where you’re going! Ibrahim shouted as Johnson tripped over the gnarled roots of a large tree. He slowed down and watched as Johnson struggled back to his feet. The patrol officers were getting nearer. He could hear the hiss of their respirators.

Oh, come on, he said in disgust when he noticed Johnson beginning to limp.

Johnson looked up. I think I have a dislocation.

Won’t you rather have a dislocation than be hanged upside-down on a stake till the blood is drained from you? Ibrahim stamped his foot. The bastards are closing in on us!

Johnson braced himself and tried to keep up with Ibrahim’s pace, but he just couldn’t manage it anymore. He was hurting badly. Ibrahim stopped and looked around.

Wait, let me carry you.

Thanks, Johnson said. Climbing Ibrahim’s back, he put his hands around his neck and hooked his legs around his waist.

Ibrahim took steps forward. Don’t grip my neck too tightly! You’re going to strangle me. Do you want to kill me?

Johnson grinned. I think I’ll wait until you’ve gotten me to safety.

Lower your grip. Hold my shoulders.

Johnson adjusted his position and moved his hands from Ibrahim’s neck to his shoulders. As soon as he completed the movement, they heard a loud whirling noise and a machine-oriented voice made them freeze.

You are in a restricted area. Maintain your positions.

They’ve caught us, Johnson whispered in panic. Ibrahim did not move. They’ve caught us, Ibrahim! Johnson repeated. Run!

Ibrahim bounded through the forest like a crazy animal with Johnson on his back juggling from side to side. At once, the hissing sounds from the patrol officers followed. There was a blinding flash of light, and, to their left, half the section of that part of the forest went up in blue flame. As the smoke began to clear off, Johnson threw a glance backwards and cold panic gripped his heart. That part of the forest was gone—trees and all. All that was left as the smoke dissipated was a large area of barren land and the smell of burning woods and leaves.

He could see the officers now. There were about three of them, and as they pursued, he was continually dazzled by the sunlight’s reflection on their helmets and metal skins. Like robots. Unlike robots, they could run and they covered the ground at quite a pace.

His uncle had told him they were first made during the war. Volunteers, they were called. After the second invasion when the second attack on earth was launched, the governments had realised they were fighting a losing battle. Their soldiers were nothing but messes of flesh and bones, while the invaders were a tougher lot—metal skeletons beneath a skin tougher than the hide of a rhinoceros—impossible to pierce.

The United States government had called on citizens of every country to volunteer themselves for the production of a superhuman army with which to combat the invaders who, it seemed, had the greater advantage. The president had called it a necessary sacrifice; their duty to humanity; an army to save the world. Promises were made. Riches and honour assured. There were millions of volunteers from all over the world. Many people wanted in, not only because of the promise of wealth after the war, but also because they felt becoming a superhuman was the only way they could preserve their lives. Records were taken, all of which were lost during the war. The people were taken into laboratories, their bodies surgically modified, their memories erased and their minds reprogrammed. They had only one assignation. It wasn’t win the war; it was: obey the government.

Many of them were eliminated in the war; on whose favour it ended, Johnson wasn’t sure. He wasn’t even sure about anything, anyway. All he knew was what his uncle told