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Are you a performer, teacher or student looking for new ways to approach sight-reading, chord construction or improvisation?  Are you stuck in a musical rut? Do you have gaps in your understanding of music theory? Are you interested in exploring new ideas for writing charts, playing by ear, composing, songwriting? No matter what instrument or style of music you play, this book will help you get to that elusive next level. 

The knowledge and talent we seek is already inside of us, but can only be unlocked when we decide to use the key. That key is simply our attention, nothing more, nothing less.

Choosing Notes is not a traditional music theory book; it is instead an excellent companion to one, because it focuses on the reasons the terminology, numbers, signs and symbols exist to begin with.

Whether you play guitar, piano, bass, flute, saxophone, or specialize in Classical, Country, Rock, Jazz or Pop, this book will help you discover your own unique, creative voice and inspire exciting new ways to learn, practice, and most importantly, perform with confidence on your chosen instrument in the real world.

Includes tips on: sight-reading, studying scores, composing tunes, songwriting, the secrets of chord symbols, modes, intervals, tuning to a recording, learning music by ear, memorization, transcription, learning riffs and solos note for note, stage presence, and the lost art of listening.

No matter what instrument or style of music you play, this book will help you get to that elusive next level. It is a synthesis of over thirty years of experience in playing, performing, and teaching, and is inspired by the author's belief that music itself will forever be our best and wisest teacher.

Topics: Music, Musicians, Education, Classical Music, Informative, Tips & Tricks, and Guides

Published: Twilight Storm Media on
ISBN: 9781501462276
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