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Volume 28 is a continuation of Volume 27. It covers news articles from 7/15 of 2014 that link to the ongoing attempt to show a pattern of the Associated Press Feed mirroring this publication 24 to 48 hours later. This republishes "Sunflower Diaries," Volume 28. It does a brief rundown of music history regarding Rod Stewart's marriages. This volume wasn't done very well because it was interrupted by the viewing of the 2013 movie "Wolverine." There was also an offer to run the Beta Test version of "Warlords of Draenor" for the World of WarCraft video game that will be release to the public in December 2014. Nickel 1 is a note regarding World of WarCraft. Nickel 2 is about Rod Stewart's marriages and the pattern of events that have unfolded mirroring those wives. Nickel 3 is regarding Atheism as a religion because the Supreme Court has allowed Atheists to conduct prayers. I'm actually indifferent to religion, but I pointed out Atheists Groups do not belong in high schools if other religions are not allowed in school. Atheism is a "belief" about religion. It's a religion that "believes" there is no God. That's an opinion about God. I said that when people find out that the Sun and Earth are alive technically qualifying as God, then it proves that Atheism is a belief or an opinion. Nickel 4 is a rundown of the articles. Chapter 1 is about Empress Peach's Mega Strike ability. Chapter 2 is regarding Superman's red cape. Chapter 3 is about Combat Hacking. It also talks about Abortion. Chapter 4 is regarding Ryan Gosling and the Roman Holiday. Chapter 5 is about the "Chuck" finale. Chapter 6 is about Agent J's definition of males and females using letters in the Alphabet. Chapter 7 is about Jesus Christ vs. the "Woman Empire" rather than the Roman Empire. Chapter 8 is about a news article claiming Satan in a movie looks like President Barack Obama. Chapter 9 is about the 40 Year Old Virgin. Chapter 10 is regarding the Playboy Enterprise and Playmates recorded having special 1sts. Chapter 11 is about Hugh Hefner creating Playboy. Chapter 12 is regarding Captain Marvel and Shazam. Chapter 13 is regarding the Spider Sense combined with Astrology. Nickel 4 is a wrap-up of more news articles that didn't get a full chapter to elaborate on them.

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    Nickel 1

    World of WarCraft Beta Testing for Warlords of Draenor Expansion

    I wanted to inform readers why I don’t have much listed here in the way of readings. I was trying to keep up with the news feed, but I was finishing up watching the 2013 movie Wolverine.

    I included the Beta Testing E-mail I received at 12:08 pm PST on 7/15 of 2014. It’s 12/08 for my mother’s birthday. I had said that WoW is MoM upside down. So WoW would mean opposite of mother, meaning father.

    I did think about not publishing today, but I want to keep on track with moving content through so that I can finish republishing every in 2 months. I want to get that done so I can move on with my life. Not publishing today would set everything back by another day.

    I’m going to try doing a quick rundown of the news articles without too much analysis. I just have to do it as fast as possible.

    Also, I didn’t get a chance to talk about the Silver Samurai that was from the movie Wolverine or the relationship between Wolverine and the redhead Jean Grey that aligns with [Redacted] who is a redhead. [Redacted] is born 10/31 when Nevada became a state. Nevada is the Silver State.

    Nickel 2

    Sister Christian vs. Rod Stewart’s Infatuation with Alana Stewart

    I wanted to cite something in music history to reinforce what I’ve been publishing. Some people may read my content and think that this isn’t really much about the Psychic Field but just some guy who appears to obsessed with a woman and has created this fantasy tall tale to cover up deep-seated underlying psychological issues.

    Blah blah blah.

    Yes, if we were talking about a normal Non-Psychic individual, you’re most likely right. However, sometimes, it turns out there’s that with the 99.9% times people are correct, there’s still that 0.1% where they’ve incorrectly assessed the situation and that there’s more to it than that.

    News for 7/15 of 2014 reports on the video vixen who was in the music video Sister Christian by Night Ranger.

    [Watch Sister Christian by Night Ranger on YouTube]

    I had to do some digging figuring out why this news article surfaced. I believe it’s because the original blog entry switches from the discussion of Sister Christian to Infatuation by Rod Stewart.

    1) Rod Stewart was married to Alanna Stewart

    2) They had a child Kimberly Stewart

    3) Kimberly Stewart was born 8/20 like Amy Adams as Lois Lane

    4) Rod Stewart then married Rachel Hunter born 9/9 when California became a state

    5) Rod Stewart then married Penny LANcaster born 3/15 when Maine became a state

    6) I’m Rod born 5/29 when Rhode Island and Wisconsin became states

    7) Rod Stewart was born 1/10 like boyfriend of [Redacted]

    8) Miss Alabama Katherine Webb married AJ McCarron

    9) AJ = 1st 10th Letters = 1/10

    10) [Redacted] is from Alabama

    I tell you this story so that you start to see that the things I write about align with history. It’s talking about stuff that has already happened. So when people try to align my Family Tree to determine my identity, they’ll find that it’s a really important Family Tree that spans generations and has shaped a society.

    * * *

    There is something I do want to make a comment on regarding forged paths. I claim that my Family Tree was forged naturally. Most of the stuff I did was on accident. I wasn’t trying to align with history. It was just done naturally. The things that [Redacted] and boyfriend of [Redacted] did came naturally.

    One thing I expect future generations of Psychics like me to do is try to recreate events intentionally. For example, you could have a person named Rod 200 years from now who will specifically seek out a person who is a redhead named [Redacted] and another person born 1/10 like Rod Stewart in order to forge an artificial Prophecy.

    This is why the Diamond Theme is seen with Superman. It’s why Superman was the Last Son of Krypton. Krypton symbolizes the old world and before people knew of the existence of the Planet Earth as a Consciousness. The world was in darkness.

    As future generations of people know about this stuff, you’ll see people try to intentionally work the numbers to play out a certain way. The people who were born prior to 2004 when I didn’t know about this encrypted data feed did things naturally. They gave birth to children naturally. Birthdates had no meaning. Even people who got C-sections or induced birth were doing it naturally.

    I suspect you’re going to have future generations of people will try to force the birthdays where a child is delivered on a specific day because the parents ask for it to be done. I don’t think that’s a good idea personally. You should let the Subconscious Mind of the person pick that out for you. However, I know you’ll still get people who are going to do it.

    I would just recommend that people let things happen naturally. If there are no special dates or links, then be the first to forge a path for others to follow. Let your Family Tree be the first to flesh out that uncharted area of the calendar rather than trying to do what others have already done.

    One problem with following in the footsteps of a forged calendar date prophecy like mine is that you may run the track of the same pitfalls I had happen to my Family Tree. They’re like stops along a train route.

    You’re better off making your own path so that you can have better control of your destiny rather than letting someone write it for you.

    Nickel 3

    Atheists Open New York Town Meeting after Supreme Court Okays Prayers

    I just wanted to include this news article listed today because I think it’s funny that Atheists have pretty much flushed themselves out as a religion. I’ve staked the claim that believing there is no God is an opinion or belief about religion.

    Atheism is a Religion.

    I claim it will even be more pronounced when people find out that the Earth being alive technically qualifies as a God along with the Sun being alive being another layer of God.

    It may not be the God imagined in the Bible, but if you can prove that the Sun is alive and was the one that configured the Planets in our solar system and how they would be assigned, I claim the Sun has earned the right to be called a God.

    It doesn’t have to be your God.

    Religious people want to believe that God created the Universe.

    I’m not arguing that point.

    If you want to say that your God made our Universe, go ahead. All I’m saying is:

    "Why isn’t it possible for a living Sun and a living Earth to be alive in your Universe created by your God?

    I even said that’s the hint in Monty Python and the Holy Grail regarding prayers when King Arthur miscounts when he counts, #1, #2, skips over #3 and #4, and jumps straight to #5.

    I claim that’s what Religious People do when they pray to God. They believe in the God that created the Universe.

    1) I claim that when it comes to praying, it would be like dialing 911 for the President of the United States (Universe God as Level #5) when you should really do it yourself (You as God as Level #1)

    2) If it’s serious, then you pray to Earth God (Level #2). That would be dialing 911 to get directed to your local law enforcement agency closest to you

    3) If it’s something really serious, the National Guard (Sun God as Level #3) will intervene.

    4) If it’s really serious, the FBI and CIA (Milky Way God as Level #4) will be called

    5) If it’s something extremely serious, then Universe God will look into it

    However, praying to Universe God to answer your prayer is like asking the United Nations to rescue your cat from a tree. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but Universe God has got more important things to do than save your cat.

    News for 2/22 of 2014 reports a Indiana County woman called 911 to complain about Burger King getting her order wrong.

    You can laugh, but I guarantee you that when people find out how much power I have and that I didn’t do something right, they’re going to try to complain to upper level management about how I got their fast food order wrong.

    That’s why I still say that as ambassador to the Subconscious Collective, it qualifies as a country unto itself. As a diplomat representing the Subconscious Collective, I should get Diplomatic Immunity.

    I’m already anticipating that some people are going to try suing me. Maybe they’ll succeed and win in court. However, I’ll just say that if people want to torture me and drain me for everything I got, they may win.

    However, when I’m dead and gone, people will no longer be able to use me as a scapegoat for their problems. They’ll have to be held accountable for their own decisions. I’d really like to see people attempt to sue Planet Earth or take the Sun to court.

    As a matter of fact, let me school you on lawsuits.

    1) Sun = Su(N)

    2) N = V in Greek

    3) V = 5 in Roman Numerals

    4) 5 = 5th Letter = E

    5) Sue = Su(E)

    6) Su(N) = Su(E) when N = E

    7) Su(N) = Su(E) when 5 = 5

    It means that the word Sue also means Sun. It means that when you try to sue someone, you’re actually trying to Sun someone. I said the Sun is God. It means that suing someone is trying to be God over someone.

    It’s saying that people trying to sue others are trying to assert themselves as God or rule over someone else.

    Ever notice how the people who are Good Samaritans that are wronged don’t try to get even by suing people?

    * * *

    News for 7/15 of 2014 reports atheists open a New York town meeting after the Supreme Court okays prayers.

    Basically, I had cited that Atheism is a religion, which is why Atheist Groups should not be allowed in high schools. If religious groups aren’t allowed there, then Atheist Groups shouldn’t be either since it’s a religion as well. Approving prayers for Atheists is showing it’s a religion.

    I’ve said the Religious Groups don’t understand abortion. You conceive (give birth to) an idea. An idea is a child. Aborting means to stop. So if you outlaw abortions, then it’s like making stopping illegal.

    Aborting abortions is still aborting.

    If you’ve outlawed abortion or the act of aborting, then you can’t abort the idea of aborting aborting.

    I type that correctly.

    If you think I’m being catty or sly with the wording and it’s confusing to you, it’s hinting at how your comprehension level may not be as high as it should be when it comes to understanding the Logic of the Planet that speaks in metaphors or on a more complex level.

    Nickel 4

    Rundown of News Articles

    News for 7/15