Usurper Kings

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Usurper Kings

Longueur: 117 pages35 minutes


Usurper Kings is an inspection of the feminine through time. Sapha Burnell's large scale poetic debut, on the surface, is a poetry collection in five Acts. However, without each poem's strength and individual beauty at that exact placement, the entire structure would fold in on itself. Move a piece, and the laws governing the works are turned on their heads. Without each work proclaiming its necessity, obstinate in its existence, Usurper Kings would serve no purpose, and become a litany of words rather than a treatise on cosmology and feminism throughout time and beyond our scope.

Available in all the popular digital formats, Usurper Kings awaits its initial print run in Spring/Summer 2014.

About Sapha:
Sapha Burnell is the product of a Norwegian fascination with the mutable world and a West Coast Canadian sense of progressive Gender Role interpretation. Born as the Berlin Wall fell down, she’s a product of the post-modern world and views the cosmos through the lense of the perpetual grey of the new relativity school. She lives in Vancouver, Canada and hops from cafe to cafe to connect with the lion’s share of personality variety.
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