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Packed Lunches for Gourmets

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Packed Lunches for Gourmets

Longueur: 57 pages51 minutes


If you took a packed lunch to work, over the course of your working life, you could save £100,000. That's a significant lump of spare change – if you put it in your pension, it adds up to something like another £5,000 a year to live on when you retire. But most of us still hand over altogether far too much money to coffee shops and sandwich bars, and often, we don't even get particularly good value for it.

Why don't more people eat a packed lunch? Laziness? or because we only know how to make cheese sandwiches, and cheese sandwiches five days a week is boring?

This book suggests how to put together packed lunches that will deliver variety, flavour, and good healthy eating - as well as a huge cost saving.

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