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Jun 15, 2013


Many people don ́t know what ́s the real world of bodybuilding it ́s supposed that all is about steroids and vanity but bodybuilding beyond the routines, work outs and diets. This book wants to show the beauty of sport in several aspects.

Jun 15, 2013

À propos de l'auteur

Luis Severiche (International Business and Writer) with 27 years old began to write for recreational purpose, according to self-experience of traveling around different countries was the main motivation to explore the world of books and ebooks from that moment reading and writing is one favorite activities.

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Bodybuilding - Luis Severiche


By Luis Severiche

Published by Luis Severiche at Smashwords

Copyright 2013 Luis Severiche

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By Luis Severiche

Smashwords Edition


Smashwords Edition, License Notes

Thank you for downloading this ebook. This book may not be reproduced, copied and distributed for commercial purposes, provided the book complete remains in its original form, with the exception of quotes used in reviews.

Your support and respect for the property of this author is all hotel contact.

This book is to work those who like sport of bodybuilding and like to be in healthy condition.


The objective of this work is to inform and at no time is intended to replace the advice of a specialist in any of the above areas.





The rise of the Physical Culture






Nutritional Supplements




Large Bodybuilders




The main objective of the present work is to make known to the reader in a wide aspect without going into issues of depth, the more objective information about the physical condition and overall health that is prepared in various sources, namely Internet, books, brochures, commercial, television, posters, among others.

The character of this book makes no attempt to be scientific or technical rather used a natural language and simple that anyone can read and understand, because it arises from the need to provide adequate information and real on various aspects of the physical conditioning and nutrition, being these items very popular at present, there are many commercial in which they are exposed a myriad of products highlighting these as the panacea in the area of nutrition, physical conditioning or general welfare. The truth related to exercise, nutrition and health, is that nothing can be achieved overnight, progress depends on the discipline and sacrifice that the individual is willing to undertake an exercise regimen and diet to achieve the desired results without compromising health.

When people buy the products that promote the various advertising media and realize that the purchased product has not complied with their expectations are beginning to feel disappointed, and at this point where some of them begin to apply the phrase: the end justifies the means, resorting to practices or methods that can threaten your health.

According to the boom that have had the ergogenic aids', it's in the market has been presenting a confusion among the people that engage in some level to amateur sport or leisure-time physical activity in general, since they do not know differentiate the reality of the misleading advertising with respect to these substances, due to a promise that you'll lose weight in a short period of time, increase energy, increase muscle mass, provide a body defined among other benefits that are often present to the public these plugins to undertake any regime of physical conditioning and nutrition must go to a specialist in the field, sport expert and/or nutritionist as the case may be, because these are the best persons to advise us and check during conditioning and diet.

When they are displayed on the covers of magazines of bodybuilding or fitness models that promote certain products whether to increase or lose weight, there is a tendency to believe that work by the fact that the person who is now advertising has a body provided and well defined, and we assume that we are going to do so as well in a short time and without much effort, which is not plausible from the physical point of view, since all the people have different bodies and different genetic which is very important at the time of obtaining results, for this reason there are individuals who achieve excellent results in short time and others do not.

A good exercise program accompanied by a well-balanced diet can give amazing results depending on the goals that have been proposed by the person, which should be achievable in the time and in addition they are focused on the individual capabilities. In bodybuilding or fitness is often seen people over-trained individualities or sub-trained, which is due to a misinterpretation of the information available in the various sources mentioned above or by inadequate advice of the coach that is in the gym that they attend, therefore some of these coaches or instructors do not have the adequate knowledge to design and exercise routine and diet appropriate to each individual, but based on their own beliefs subjected to all the people who are under his instruction to similar regimes of training causing exhaustion due to the fact that there are no sufficient time for recovery for the body.

To obtain the best results of any exercise plan is necessary to have discipline, commitment, patience and dedication, because without these qualities can be reached to commit abuses against the health, either because they want to have immediate feedback and/or the wrong advice by third-party people. When you want to achieve quick results either in gain muscle mass or lose weight, it is at this point that we often forget the health results and only want to use as place of dangerous substances such as anabolic Androgenic substances (steroids) that can be put at risk the integrity of the individuals if these are used for other purposes for which these were developed, think that steroids are only used for muscle gain is an error because these are used to burn fat, drain fluids inside the body, give force and increase the resistance in other uses.


Dedicated to my parents Luis Severiche Sr and Rebeca Martinez, who have been my guide and support.


The Rise of the Physical Culture

Since ancient times the Greeks have been concerned about the health and good physical condition so much so that they created the Greek Olympics where athletes are measured in powers to demonstrate their skills in each discipline to arrive in the best conditions to such an event the preparation was to conduct a series of physical exercises months prior to the start of competition these allowed the participant to increase and strengthen muscles to withstand the tests of high intensity to the Greeks we owe the phrase healthy body healthy mind.

The gymnasiums arise in ancient Greece as the center of physical and spiritual instruction, which they would prepare the athletes for the different competences, within the free men attend the gym was part of the culture, and was not only for adults but also children and young people flocked to develop their physical abilities and spiritual in Greece were created rules for maintaining the gymnasiums.

The Romans were also physical exercises to build up the body and lent itself to the athlete suggesting to this routine that would make it possible to be in good condition, among the Romans to Galen is known to be the first to propose specific exercises for each part of the body, thus allowing it to the athlete of that time be better prepared for the competition. Unlike the greeks the Romans did

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