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The 3-Step Thyroid Plan: 21 Days to Beating Hypothyroidism through Simple Diet and Lifestyle Changes

The 3-Step Thyroid Plan: 21 Days to Beating Hypothyroidism through Simple Diet and Lifestyle Changes

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The 3-Step Thyroid Plan: 21 Days to Beating Hypothyroidism through Simple Diet and Lifestyle Changes

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Apr 15, 2014


ere’s how to get rid of that stubborn extra weight without gaining it back
(Now! Includes 40 Delicious Metabolism Boosting Recipes)

In a world overflowing with all kinds of diets, how do you choose the right one for you? Try them all? You’ve probably tried quite a few already, but did they work for you? Normal fad diets usually get results quickly, but the weight returns with a vengeance shortly afterwards, and potentially leaving you with untold damage to your hormonal systems, without you even knowing. Luckily, you’re not alone in this.

In "The 3-Step Thyroid Plan" by Maggie Fitzgerald you’ll discover why the weight rollercoaster happens, and the reason why you cannot get rid of that few extra pounds that just won’t budge. You’ll also learn exactly which hormones are controlling your life and how.

Maybe you don’t realise it, but in the next few moments you’re going to learn how to take control of this whole situation.
In this book you’ll discover:
How to check if your thyroid is responsible for your weight gain
What even some doctors don’t know about traditional thyroid treatment
Why taking thyroid meds can be dangerous.
Why a balanced approach gives you the best results, without the side-effects.
How easy this approach is once you know what to do.
How this one gland can be responsible for more than just weight gain.
Some commonly overlooked "secret weapon" supplements that makes weight-loss a breeze.
Exactly how to take control to feel and look better than ever before!
Everything is outlined for you, step by step.

Feeling good and comfortable in your own skin has never been simpler or easier. All you have to do is follow the steps.

Fact. If ignored, the problem won’t get better by itself, but you have in this book all the know-how and tools to get amazing results.

Apr 15, 2014

À propos de l'auteur

Maggie Fitzgerald is a natural health, diet and nutrition expert and author from California. She has dedicated a large part of the last two decades studying and researching the amazing health benefits of green and raw diets. She has three children and a loving husband. In her spare time she is an avid cook and enjoys hosting monthly dinner parties for her friends and family.

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The 3-Step Thyroid Plan - Maggie Fitzgerald

Readers' Feedback

Amazing book! Look no further for the answers you're looking for. The solution is right here!

Laura B. - Montreal

My mother had me read this book after I had a tough time getting rid of my post-pregnancy fat. This book really is an eye opener. I lost all the weight I'd gained, and then some! I've never felt better, and I know my own daughter will grow up a lot healthier and slimmer too!

Erica Meyer - Washington

Somehow everything just clicked for me when I read this book. I'm feeling much better, and getting slimmer every day. I can really recommend this book. Buy it and read it if you have any stubborn weight issues.

Joan B. Miller - Sydney

Thank you for downloading my book. Please REVIEW this book. I need your feedback to make the next version better. Thank you so much!

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You should read this book if:

You feel tired, sluggish and generally run down all the time.

There’s stubborn weight you just can’t seem to get rid of - no matter what you do or which diets you try.

You’ve been under a lot of stress lately and cannot begin your day without that first cup of coffee.

You have trouble remembering simple things, like names.

You’ve gained weight when normally you have a high metabolism.

You have cold hands and feet and feel the cold more intensely than others.

You’re tired of being sick and tired.

You can’t seem to think fast and solving simple problems seems difficult.

You feel depressed without knowing why.

You’ve had enough of not feeling your best, and know it’s time for a change.

Feeling comfortable in your own skin is important to you.

You’d like to enjoy your food without feeling guilty.

You’d like to join countless others in creating a body which you can show off and be proud off!

Your romantic life is suffering because you just don’t have the energy.

If any of the above rings true, chances are you’re suffering from an underactive thyroid. This book will show you exactly what the causes of these symptoms are, and give you a simple and easy step-by-step plan to get you on the road to feeling and looking better than ever.

Table of Contents

Readers' Feedback


Author’s introduction

Chapter 1: Hypothyroidism and Dieting

1.1. Why Traditional Diets Don’t Work

1.2. How to Diet Correctly

Chapter 2: Understanding Hypothyroidism

2.1. Thyroid Function

2.2. Causes of Hypothyroidism

2.3. Symptoms of Hypothyroidism

2.4. Diagnosing Hypothyroidism

2.5. Treating Hypothyroidism

2.6. Hormones

Chapter 3: The 3-step Plan

3.1. Step 1: Diet

3.2. Step 2: Exercise

3.3. Step 3: Balancing your Hormones

3.4. The 21-day Plan



1. Turkey Breakfast Sausage

2. Blueberry Coconut Pancakes

3. Jump Start Granola

4. Easy Feta Eggs Scramble

5. Choco-Nut Banana Smoothie

6. Banana-Almond Porridge

7. Gluten-free Breakfast Power Cookies

8. Fresh Herbs Omelet

9. Carrot ‘N Mushroom Frittata

10. Crockpot Chicken Meatballs

11. Easy Gluten-Free Waffles

12. Hazelnut and Almond French Toast


1. Light Chicken Salad

2. Maple Baked Salmon

3. Broiled Tilapia over Brown Rice

4. Crispy Sole Fish Fillets

5. Steamed Cod and Vegetables over Brown Rice

6. Creamy Gluten-free Chicken Noodle Soup

7. Gluten Free Chicken Piccata Pasta

8. Tomato Fish and Veggie Stew

9. Cherry Chicken Lettuce Wraps

10. Turkey and Jasmine Rice Salad

11. Chicken ‘N Mushroom Pasta

12. Citrus Tuna Steak Sandwich


1. Mozzarella and Spinach Stuffed Cajun Chicken

2. Herbed Spaghetti Squash

3. Turkey Veggie Stew with Toasted Bread

4. Grilled Sea Bass with Lemon Fettuccine

5. Gluten-free Chicken and Veggie Stir Fry

6. Grilled Spicy Cod with Honey Roasted Carrots

7. Pork Chops in Raspberry Sauce with Herbed Basmati Rice

8. Teriyaki Salmon with Jasmine Rice

9. Gluten-Free Turkey Meat Loaf

10. Zesty Olive Chicken with Fried Rice

11. Ultimate Spicy Orange Chicken

12. Creamy Chicken and Wild Rice Soup


1. Peach and Triple Berry Parfaits

2. Mixed Triple Berry Crisp

3. Pumpkin Protein Cookies

4. Cranberry Peach Pie

One Last Thing...


While all attempts have been made to provide effective, verifiable information in this Book, neither the Author nor Publisher assumes any responsibility for errors, inaccuracies, or omissions. Any slights of people or organizations are unintentional.

This Book is not a source of medical information, and it should not be regarded as such. This publication is designed to provide accurate and authoritative information in regard to the subject matter covered. It is sold with the understanding that the publisher is not engaged in rendering a medical service. As with any medical advice, the reader is strongly encouraged to seek professional medical advice before taking action.

Author’s introduction

Dieting is hard. I know this from experience—when I was in college, I struggled a bit with my weight. I’d go on one of the fad diets of the day, lose ten pounds, and then gain it back. I’d gain another five pounds. Then I’d lose twenty. Then gain ten back. It was the classic rollercoaster pattern of dieting that people talk so much about. I couldn’t get my weight under control, and I felt terrible. I was tired all the time, my body didn’t feel like it was working properly, and I wasn’t sleeping very well. I was really irritable most of the time. This continued after I left college, too. But after six years of this, I decided that enough was enough. I studied to become a nutritionist so that I could determine for myself what was best for me, because the creators of those diets obviously didn’t get it. Sure, I could lose ten pounds in a month, but I couldn’t keep it off. And I didn’t think that losing weight was supposed to make me feel so awful. I knew there had to be something more to it, and after studying and researching, I came to a realization: that traditional diets force us to work against our own bodies, instead of with them. And we were losing the fight.

So I started giving some thought to a better way to diet, and after more studying and research, I settled on one system in the body that was being neglected in every popular diet: the endocrine system, the one that controls

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