The Plan:Creating the Blueprint for Running a High Flying Business

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The Plan:Creating the Blueprint for Running a High Flying Business

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How do you create certainty out of uncertainty? How do you take the leap of faith in the pursuit of your business idea without sinking? How do you create a blueprint for charting a certain course to success in business? This is what “The Plan” is about; a step-by-step guide to creating the business of your dreams; a business that is bound to succeed.
80% of start-up businesses fail to fulfill the desire of those who started them. The key reason for this is a lack of accurate, cutting-edge business planning. 90% out of the businesses that fail can be traceable to either weak planning or no planning at all. Businesses do not succeed on their own. A thorough understanding of what you are going into, and not just what you intend to sell is vital to the survival of that business.
This book will show you the way.
Writing a failure-proof business plan
Managing uncertainties in business
Techniques for creating winning products
Best-in-class product development strategies
How to conduct an easy, cheap and effective market research
How to profile your customers
How to use scenario planning to prepare your business for the future

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