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Longueur: 69 pages3 heures


The purpose of this book is to give parents or prospective parents a quick, short summary of some of the time tested tools, techniques, labor and wisdom required to raise children with high character. By most accounts, character is in decline in our culture today and parents are increasingly frustrated and anxious about raising healthy, happy, well adjusted, charactered kids. Although this task is becoming increasingly difficult in many ways, it is still possible to do a quality job if one has a basic playbook to follow and is willing to commit the time and effort necessary. This book is intended to be a valuable primer for parents who desire to lay a good foundation for raising kids with character.


Grant Richardson has been training, teaching and coaching children successfully for over 18 years as a school administrator, teacher and coach.  He has worked in private schools, public schools, charter schools, online schools and home schools and has worked with children of all ages from kindergarten through high school in three different states.  His teaching background includes primarily social studies and math and his coaching experience has been primarily football at the high school level.

Educationally, Grant received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Geography with a Regional Planning emphasis from the University of California, Davis and then obtained his Masters of Science degree in Educational Administration from Pensacola Christian College.

In addition to successfully molding and shaping countless students through his work, Grant, along with his wife, Robin, has raised three sons, two of which graduated from the US Air Force Academy and one is currently attending a trade school.  True to the principles in this book, Grant and Robin are not only proud of their son’s accomplishments, but prouder still of their character and who they are becoming as young men.

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