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Mystery Underground: Undead Uprising (A Collection of Scary Short Stories)

Mystery Underground: Undead Uprising (A Collection of Scary Short Stories)

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Mystery Underground: Undead Uprising (A Collection of Scary Short Stories)

134 pages
1 heure
Nov 7, 2014


When the Dead Walk it's Time to Run!

Charles David Clasman and David Anthony, co-authors of over twenty books, present Mystery Underground: Undead Uprising.

Mystery Underground is a collection of scary short stories for kids, middle grade readers, and everyone who likes a good scare. The stories combine the monsters and mystery of Goosebumps with the surprise endings of The Twilight Zone. They are the perfect scary stories to read on Halloween, in the dark, around the campfire, or under the covers at night with a flashlight.

This book contains thirteen scary short stories. Within it readers will encounter vampires, zombies, mummies, ghosts, and other creatures of the living undead. Read a scare ... if you dare!

Beneath the eerie glow of the Harvest Moon, Noah and his friends sneak into the cemetery for a game of Ghost in the Graveyard. While getting in is a challenge, getting out may be impossible.

In the duct tape capital of the world, nothing stays broken for long. Not Owen’s homework. Not his brother’s weird projects. Not even a big ugly spider crushed beneath a heavy schoolbook.

Night after night Imogen hears strange voices calling her. “We’re thirsty,” they whisper. “So thirsty.” What do they really want and does Imogen dare listen to them?

Max’s Mom hosts the best Halloween parties. She goes all out by mixing crazy concoctions into frightening food. This year it’s Corpse-a-Cola, Blood and Mary, and Quicksilver Soda. What happens when Max discovers an empty jug in the backpack his has been carrying through the cemetery?

Jaws is a vicious watchdog. He usually doesn’t like anyone, not even the boy who feeds him. Ryan, though, claims he can get along with any dog. It’s no coincidence that the kids at school call him Dog Boy. What mysterious secret is he hiding?

Nolan wakes in the dark, lost and confused. He doesn’t know where he is. He doesn’t know how to get out. All he can see are awful images in his mind of monster faces biting and chewing. Are they coming for him or are they a memory?

Many summer jobs involve yard work, but not for Josh and Ally. Their father finds them work at a taxidermy where the owner stuffs pets and other animals. A strange job, yes, but not as strange as what the kids discover hidden within the gloomy shop.

After Jamison’s American History exam, his phone starts ringing nonstop. First someone calls pretending to be President George Washington. Then Martin Luther King, Jr. Finally Susan B. Anthony calls. What does the prankster really want?

Corey isn’t scared by his uncle’s stories about vampires. It’s real blood that freaks him out. So why is he riding in a blood mobile through a snowstorm at night?

Jocelyn has always been a good student. Always until today. She fails her first test and is kicked out of class. She fails her second and is told to leave. When the principal wants to talk to her, Jocelyn expects the worst.

First an emergency warning flashes across Ava and John’s TV. Then the power goes out. When their neighbors starting moaning for “Brains!” there’s no doubt what has happened. Zombie outbreak!

“Don’t feed the bear” is an old expression. Feed the animal once and it won’t leave. Likewise, “Don’t mock the mummy” should be frequently repeated advice. Wyatt and Jacob learn this the hard way.

What happe

Nov 7, 2014

À propos de l'auteur

David Anthony, along with co-author Charles David Clasman, has written over 20 books for kids in three series, including Mystery Underground, Heroes A2Z, and Knightscares.David Anthony received his first typewriter in the eighth grade and has been banging on keyboards ever since. As a child, some of David's best friends were books. He always loved to read. A friend first inspired him to write, and the steady encouragement of his parents and teachers kept him at it. Today he writes with the passion of his youth. No story can ever be too fantastic, too impossible, too spooky, or too silly.David currently lives in West Bloomfield, Michigan with a patient wife, a semi-patient son, and a demanding dog. At least two of them usually need a haircut. When not writing or reading, David plays tabletop games with his son, engages in social media, and roots for the Detroit Red Wings.

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Mystery Underground - David Anthony

Undead Uprising


David Anthony


Charles David Clasman

Mystery Underground: Undead Uprising

Copyright 2014 David Anthony and Charles David Clasman

Published by Sigil Publishing, LLC

Smashwords Edition

No part of this publication may be reproduced in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise, without written permission of the publisher. For information regarding permission, write to Sigil Publishing, LLC, Box 824, Leland, MI 49654.

This book is fiction. The people, places, and events depicted within are fictitious or used fictitiously. Any resemblance to persons living or dead or to real life places is purely coincidental.


Read a scare ... if you dare.

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Destinations of Doom

1. Ghost in the Graveyard ... Evans City, PA

2. Tastes Like Spider ... Avon, OH

3. Tea Party Poltergeists ... Hilton Head Island, SC

4. Quicksilver Soda ... Ortonville, MI

5. Dog Boy ... Colorado Springs, CO

6. Monster Faces ... Atlanta, GA

7. The Stuffing of Nightmares ... Knoxville, TN

8. Voices from the Past ... Portland, OR

9. The Blood Collector ... Boston, MA

10. Three Tests ... Casper, WY

11. Brains ... Louisville, KY

12. Meet the Mummy ... St. Paul, MN

13. Halloween Hunger ... New Orleans, LA

Table of Contents

1. Ghost in the Graveyard

2. Tastes Like Spider

3. Tea Party Poltergeists

4. Quicksilver Soda

5. Dog Boy

6. Monster Faces

7. The Stuffing of Nightmares

8. Voices from the Past

9. The Blood Collector

10. Three Tests

11. Brains!

12. Meet the Mummy

13. Halloween Hunger

Ghost in the Graveyard

Evans City, PA

September 12, 10:26pm

"I can’t believe you haven’t ever played Ghost in the Graveyard, Henry said. What planet are you from?"

"What planet am I from? his cousin Noah repeated with emphasis. What planet are you from? You’re the one trying to climb into a cemetery at night."

I’m not trying, Henry disagreed. I’m succeeding.

Henry was in an oak tree, straddling a thick branch that extended over an eight-foot high brick wall. The wall completely surrounded Evans City Cemetery. His plan was to hang a rope over the wall so that he and his friends—Noah included—could climb in and out of the cemetery. The only other access was a gate, and that was locked.

On the ground below him, Noah stood with two of Henry’s neighborhood friends, Carter and Emily. The three clutched flashlights and shone them up on Henry as he worked.

Are you almost done? Noah asked.

Try not to sound so scared, Carter said, nudging Noah with an elbow.

Noah wasn’t scared exactly, but he would’ve preferred to be elsewhere. Like inside watching TV or playing videos game. Or reading a book in bed. Anywhere but a dark cemetery at night.

Not that he would admit that out loud.

I’m cool, he said.

I don’t know, Emily remarked slowly, shining her flashlight on his face. You look awfully pale to me.

You sure do, Carter nodded. You’re as pale as a ghost. Maybe you should be it first. By it, he meant be the ghost in their game.

Get that out of my face, Noah snapped, swinging his flashlight around like a lightsaber. He pointed it in Emily’s eyes until she lowered her light. "So I’ve never played Ghost in the Graveyard before, he continued. Big deal. Why do we have to play in a real graveyard anyway?"

It’s the name of the game, cuz, Henry said from overhead. And we like to live dangerously.

Noah grunted, unamused. There’s no such thing as ghosts. How can a graveyard be dangerous?

Carter and Emily answered at the same time like creepy twins in a horror movie.

Mr. Romero, they chanted.

Mr. Who? Noah shrugged. The name didn’t sound particularly frightening to him.

He’s the cemetery’s caretaker, Carter clarified. His name is Mr. Romero.

If he finds us in here at night, it’ll be trouble, Emily said.

Still in the tree, Henry laughed. Just like last time! he hooted.

Noah shot his cousin a troubled look. What do you mean? What happened last time?

Mr. Romero caught me trying to climb the gate, Henry explained. He started yelling, waving his arms, and chasing after me.

He was coming to get you, Henry! Emily snickered.

Yeah he was, Henry agreed, laughing again. I ran like crazy. Good thing the old guy moved as slow as a zombie.

The three neighborhood friends laughed, but Noah didn’t join them. He scowled in the dark. Ghosts, graveyards, zombies, and creepy old caretakers. He was already tired of cheap scares and Halloween wasn’t for another month!

Henry finished knotting the rope and tossed it over the far side of the cemetery wall. Here I go, he announced. Wish me luck! Then he dropped from the branch, slid down the rope, and disappeared from view.

Everyone else held their breath, waiting and wondering. Did Henry land safely? Was he OK? Had Mr. Romero spotted him? The chirping of crickets filled the air, seeming unnaturally loud, and Noah wanted to scream. Hurry up!

Finally the rope fluttered as it flew over the wall and slapped softly against the bricks. Henry was safe and had tossed the rope across for the next climber.

Girls first, Emily called, snatching the rope and starting to ascend. She was up and over the wall in seconds, a satisfied smile on her face the whole way.

Carter followed her and Noah went last. He wasn’t eager to play in the graveyard, and seeing it up close didn’t change his mind. It bewildered him. When his feet touched solid ground and he let go of the rope, he frowned in confusion.

Evans City Cemetery was covered in plastic. Big gray tarps were draped over every headstone, grave marker, and memento. Except for the lumps beneath the tarps, the graveyard looked like a baseball field during a rain delay.

Why’s everything covered up? Noah wondered out loud. He had heard of grave blankets, but the tarps were extreme.

I don’t know, Henry admitted.

Maybe Mr. Romero is conducting experiments, Emily suggested in a spooky voice. He could be Dr. Frankenstein in disguise. She stuck out her arms and lumbered around like Frankenstein’s famous green monster, bumping into her friends.

Noah shook his head but grinned. Emily was fearless and her courage was reassuring. She was like a hero from a Knightscares book.

Let’s see what’s under these tarps, Henry proposed, and his friends were eager to oblige.

"What about Ghost in the Graveyard?" Noah said quickly. He hadn’t wanted to play the game before, but peeking under the plastic seemed like a worse idea. The tarps had to be there for a reason.

And in a graveyard he dreaded what that reason would be.

You’re not scared again, are you? Carter teased him.

Noah responded with a jibe of his own. Haven’t you ever seen a scary movie? You’re not supposed to disturb stuff in a graveyard. Everyone knows that.

Aw, chill out, guys, Henry told them. It’s not like we’re digging up a coffin.

Everyone but Noah began pulling up one of the tarps. It wasn’t easy. The tarp was heavy and thick like a boat cover. It was also as wide as a garage door and twice as long.

You could help, Carter grumbled, instead of just standing there.

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