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Dalyn Ruebeck: Soldier

Dalyn Ruebeck: Soldier

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Dalyn Ruebeck: Soldier

264 pages
3 heures
Jan 13, 2015


Ruebeck’s main aim, was to see the Marine display he'd seen on TV, a real life, a life for a man. He wanted to be a part of the Marine Corps. The change coming into his life was far beyond anything he could have dreamt, was this the start of a life for a man, or a long, deceitful, off-world nightmare.
Would he become just another entry in the negative column of Imperial Navy records.

Jan 13, 2015

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Dalyn Ruebeck - L. J. Deuchars

Dalyn Ruebeck - Soldier


L.J. Deuchars

Dalyn Ruebeck Soldier 2nd Edition

Copyright © 2014 L.J. Deuchars

All Rights Reserved

I write about technology not invented. Planets settled by the human race, on planets not discovered. The story is set hundreds of light years from Mother Earth.

It is obviously a work of fiction. I hope this makes things clear for you.

Just to be on the safe side.

Names, characters, place, and incidents are a product of the author's imagination, and used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual people living or dead, events or locales is entirely coincidental, and a miracle.


Edited by Mitzi Carroll


A special thank you to

Simon Ward and H.Y. Taylor for opening my eyes

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 The Press Gang

Chapter 2 Deceit

Chapter 3 Colonel Blowner

Chapter 4 Jathryk

Chapter 5 The Spawn

Chapter 6 Primates

Chapter 7 Casualty

Chapter 8 Battle Stations

Chapter 9 Treachery

Chapter 10 United

Chapter 1

The Press Gang

This was Dalyn Ruebeck’s day of rest. The one day in the month, he wouldn't be working on the family’s farm. Two weeks ago, he passed his twenty-second birthday, the age of an independent male. In another three years, he would have a share in the family’s farming business.

He had money in his pocket enough to have a good time in the city of Fildes. He’d visited the city every year since his tenth birthday, but always accompanied by his father when they were looking for stock. The last two years he’d visited the city to do the farm business on his own. Today, he wouldn’t be working; he would be looking for a good time. He wanted to see the marine display shown on TV, the life for a real man.

Dalyn’s muscular and athletic body stood six feet two inches tall. He had black hair, tanned skin, and pale blue eyes. He’d been gifted with the hands of a musician, with long tapering fingers, but once those fingers bunched into fists, he was lethal. Today, he was wearing his finest clothes. Gone were the heavy leather boots, replaced by fine tooled leather shoes, blue trousers, and a long white, short-sleeved shirt. His father had given him advice not to spend his hard-earned money on the demon drink and always to keep one hand on his cash.

His brother, John, had driven him to the local transport hub. Here he boarded a shuttle to the city of Fildes. As he got closer to the city, he strained to see the pleasures awaiting him.

The sun had climbed out of its sleep of the night, heralding the start of a new day. He smiled the smile of the naïve, his heart pounding with anticipation, as the shuttle settled to the ground. Not long now, he thought, before the good times would begin.

The sounds of hawkers selling their wares overloaded his ears. He put both hands to the side of his head to keep out the noise, but he still had a smile on his face. The farther he walked into the city, the more he was amazed. People, all rushing hither and thither, lost in their own worlds. In the distance, he could hear music. His smile broadened as he made his way toward the sounds. Turning a corner, he was looking at an open square. On the outskirts of the square were tables laden with goods, bolts of cloth in various bright outlandish colours, plus, other items to snare the tourists into taking treasures back to their home worlds. Tables were laden with exotic food and drink. To one side of the nearest stalls was a raised platform with dancing girls, their bodies swaying in unison with the sensuous music.

Dalyn was embarrassed as he watched the gyrating dancers. His face flushed, but he couldn't take his eyes off the girls and their obvious attraction. They wore shoulder to ankle loose fitting, diaphanous, one-piece dresses, which left nothing to the imagination. All the dancers were beautiful, and but for the flimsy material covering their beautiful bodies, they were naked. Still he watched, smiling broadly. He had to drag himself away as his burgeoning manhood started to waken. He could always return, he thought, and perhaps sample the wares on offer. He’d only been in the city for a short time. There would be a lot more to see.

In the centre of the square was a large stage. This is what he’d come to see. Occupying the stage was the Imperial Guard, all in bright red dress uniforms with high domed red caps sporting a spearhead rising from the centre of the cap. Hanging from the spear point were multi-coloured feathers. Above the Imperial Guard’s stage was a holographic display of the guard defeating, the enemies of the Empire. The scene changed to show the guards marching four abreast down the main thoroughfare of the capital city on planet Earth. Now, he thought, a world I’d like to visit.

Gone were the thoughts of girls. This is what he wanted to see.

To one side of the stage were two space carriers, surrounded by children and men, both young and old. He walked forward to join the rubbernecking locals, pushing his head through the air lock door of the closest craft. The inside smelled of oil and sweat. A brightly clad soldier stood in the doorway.

What’s your name? the soldier asked.

Dalyn Ruebeck.

The soldier smiled. Come aboard, have a good look around, ya never know, ya could be flying one of these beauties in the future.

Ruebeck stepped into the carrier. The only seat was at the front, the pilot’s seat. Hanging from the ceiling were straps, obviously to hang onto when the carrier was in flight.

What do you think, Dalyn, impressed?

Does the carrier have interstellar capability?

No, just in-system use shuttling troops from planetside to orbital ships. Go forward and sit in the pilot’s chair.

Dalyn walked to the single, heavily-padded chair and sat down. He sank back into the comfortable seat. There were small levers at the ends of both armrests. Two large pedals protruded from the deck at his feet. The forward bulkhead was steel and provided no way to see what was outside.

The pilot leaned forward and pressed his thumb on the shiny console. What had been a blank steel wall changed to show the outside world, the colourful sight of the city square.

Now, are you impressed?

I’ve only been in the local shuttles, too busy working on the family’s farm. Yes, I am impressed.

The pilot smiled at his guest. Why don’t you have a chat with the sergeant? That’s the guy putting his men through intricate drills on the stage next to my carrier.

Dalyn shook the pilot’s outstretched hand, and then jumped down to the dusty street. He wandered to the front of the stage, watching both the stage and the huge screen that seemed to hang in space without any support. The screen showed trainees at a boot camp, going through their training before qualifying for their final passing-out parade.

Again, a smile played across Dalyn Ruebeck’s face. This time as he watched the screen, he was sure he could get through the training. Working on the family’s farm kept him in peak condition. It would be easy for him. A loud voice shouting his name brought him back to the present.

Dalyn Ruebeck! Give me your hand, come up, and join my happy squad of the Empire’s finest.

Unknown to Dalyn, there was a radio link between the pilot and sergeant. Messages passed when a naïve local man looked ripe for the picking.

The big sergeant brought the marching guards to a halt, commanding them to stand at ease. The big man looked down at Dalyn, a smile playing across his face. More fodder for the Imperial Guard, he thought. Over the last week, I’ve snared thirty-nine men, and I only need one more idiot to fill my quota. I’ll be able to get back to the Indefatigable, collect my bonus, and put my feet up.

The planet Dooley played a small part in the Sol Empire. The empire consisted of seventy-four settled planets and Dooley was the sixty-ninth. A still developing, mostly agricultural planet still heavily dependant on the empire.

In Dooley orbit, the Battlecruiser Indefatigable, it was on a good will mission, or so the population thought. The Battlecruiser had launched her carriers for a planetside exhibition, to show the unsuspecting Dooley public what a good life could be had in the empire’s navy, as a sailor or a fighting marine.

In truth, the life was hard, uncompromising and brutal.

The man pointed at Dalyn. Boy, how old are you?

Sir, I'm not a boy. I'm a man, replied Dalyn.

The big guard’s lips turned down at the corners. You look big and strong. I could use some new blood for my troop, but I need men who can fight, and you don’t look the part.

Dalyn's face flushed again, this time, not with embarrassment, but with anger. You don’t know me. I am the strongest in my family. I can take on two of my brothers in a fair fight and win. I could probably beat any of the soldiers on your stage.

Dalyn stood with his arms folded across his puffed out chest.

The soldier crouched down, then, held his hand out to Dalyn. Take my hand, boy. Let’s see if you’ve got the makings to be a marine.

Dalyn didn’t hesitate. He took the proffered hand and climbed up on the stage.

The trap had been sprung.

The guard pointed at one of his men, indicating he should come forward.

Sir, not me again, I'm sick of being beaten up by the country bumpkins.

The other guards formed a tight circle, leaving a small opening for the combatants to enter.

Get in the ring. Boy, you say you’re a good fighter, now’s your chance to prove it. He pushed Dalyn in the back, propelling him into the centre of the circle. His opponent looked at Dalyn through slitting eyes. What’s your name, boy?

I'm not a boy, I'm a man. My name is Dalyn Ruebeck.

Dalyn faced the guard in the red uniform and took a punch to the side of the head. He staggered, but he didn’t fall. He was shocked at the cowardly attack.

One thing you need to learn, Ruebeck, fighting fair gets you nowhere. We fight to win.

He brought his fists up to protect his head. He looked at the soldier who had taken advantage of his unwariness. The man was smiling broadly.

Come on, boy, you say you can fight. I don’t think you’ll last more than a couple of minutes.

The man’s smile changed to a sneer, as he walked confidently forward to attack. Dalyn swayed left, then right, waiting for the soldier to close the distance and make a move. The soldier made ready to throw a right punch, and as he did so, he dropped his left hand. Dalyn stamped hard on the soldier’s left foot. The soldier’s eyes opened wide in disbelief, as Dalyn's right fist smashed into the soldier’s face, breaking his nose, and making a mess of his upper jaw, before the soldier crashed to the floor of the stage unconscious.

Before Dalyn moved forward, the sergeant jumped in front to protect his unconscious comrade.

He looked at Dalyn. Gone was the look of disdain, replaced with a look of respect.

You fight well, young warrior. I could do with a few like you to join my Elite Guard. This guard, he swept his arm backwards to encompass the soldiers on the stage, has more battle honours than any other guard, because it is the best. How would you like to be a part of my Elite Guard?

I'm sorry, Sir, but I'm only in town for one day. I have to return to my family’s farm. They’re expecting me to be home by early morning.

How much money have you got?

Ruebeck looked at the big soldier through narrowed eyes, as he put a protective hand on his pocket. Why do you ask?

Simple, young warrior, this is an expensive town, everything costs probably more than you’ve brought.

I have ten coins, enough to see me through the day. Nothing could cost more than ten coins.

Ruebeck, ten coins wouldn’t get you the comfort of a good woman.

I don’t want a woman.

You prefer young boys?

I'm not interested in women or boys. I came here to look around this magnificent city.

The squad leader started laughing, soon joined by the rest of his men.

Pointing at the crowded square, he said, You think this is a magnificent city? Let me tell you, boy, this is a sinkhole of a backwater planet, and this is the pits of a city, a city with nothing going for it. If you want magnificence, come with me, and I’ll show you sights that’ll make your eyes bleed.

Dalyn shook his head as he looked at the smiling soldier. I'm sorry, but I have to be on my way. There is much to see, and I don’t want to miss anything.

I’ll tell you what, Ruebeck, because you’ve been a good sport, I'm going to help you out. I’ll probably get into a lot of trouble from my commanding officer, but I think it will be worth it. Come here, I have something for you.

Dalyn looked right and left before he moved closer to the guard. He wasn’t going to fall into a trap. On a small table set to the side of the stage was a silver coloured box with an indentation set in the top surface, and a small chute to the side.

Right, Ruebeck, if you press your thumb into the indentation at the top of the dispenser, it will give you fifty coins. Enough to keep you in a happy state until you decide to head back home. Go on; press your thumb there in the indentation.

Ruebeck looked at the machine, then at the sergeant. Slowly, he extended his arm and pressed his thumb onto the dispenser. He pulled his hand away from the machine as he felt a sharp pain in his thumb. He looked in amazement as fifty bright gold coins started falling down the chute.

The guard picked up the coins and handed them to the wide-eyed Ruebeck. Dalyn struggled to get the gold coins in his pocket. The man pointed at two of his soldiers. Go with this young man. Make sure he has a great day in this magnificent city. He smiled at his own words. Make sure he comes to no harm. When he is ready to head back to his family, see him safely on his way.

The two soldiers stood on either side of Dalyn as he left the stage on his way to continue his adventure. He looked down at his thumb to the tiny spot of blood in the centre of his thumbprint. He rubbed his forefinger, wiping away the offending blood spot.

Well, young warrior, what delights would you like to sample? How about the dancing girls? They always give satisfaction. Both laughed heartily.

Dalyn Ruebeck smiled at his escort.

I don’t really know. The times I’ve been to the city in the past, I was with my father. We were here to buy goods for the farm. It’s the first time I’ve been to the city on my own, the first time to have a good look around.

The soldier smiled at his comrade and winked. Right. Our sergeant has charged us with your well-being. Follow us, we’ll show you amazing things.

They walked on toward an inn with tables and chairs outside, taking advantage of the warm summer sunshine. Local people occupied some of the tables.

One of the soldiers pointed at a table already taken by two couples.

I do believe this table has been reserved for the Imperial Guard.

The couples got to their feet without complaint and moved to another vacant table. The two soldiers sat, their bright red uniforms a stark contrast with the drab clothes worn by the locals. One of the soldiers began banging loudly on the table’s surface. The innkeeper came out looking for the noise makers.

Who’s banging on the tables?

The Imperial Guard bangs the table. Bring your best food and drink, and be quick about it. Don’t be foolish enough to bring the garbage you sell to the bumpkins.

Sir, I'm sorry, said the innkeeper as he bowed low to the soldiers. Of course, your food and drink will be on the house and will be on your table in one minute.

Less than a minute had passed when girls came rushing to the table with platters filled with beef, chicken, ham, crusty loaves of bread; jugs of ale soon followed.

One soldier picked up the ale jug and took a good swallow of its contents. He choked and spat the offending ale to the ground. He grabbed hold of the girl who had brought the jugs. Were you not instructed to bring the finest? This is ale. The Imperial Guard doesn’t drink ale. Get back in your hovel and bring your best spirits. He released her arm, slapping the girl hard on her backside. The girl squealed as she ran to obey.

One soldier got to his feet, picked up the jugs of ale, and put them on the nearest table. This ale is free; drink up and thank the landlord for his generosity.

The people at the Inn started cheering. May the Angels of the Void watch over our brave Imperial Guard.

The soldier returned to his seat, a big cheesy grin on his tanned face. He pointed at Dalyn. Eat, and drink your fill, drink as much as you can, as the day is young. We have many inns to frequent, so enjoy yourself. Jugs of spirits replaced the ale. One guard poured the raw spirit into a heavy glass tumbler, spilling some of the contents onto the table as he pushed the mug across the table to his young and very naïve charge.

Dalyn Ruebeck hadn’t had anything to drink for a few hours. He picked up the mug, taking a good swallow, the raw spirit hitting the back of his throat like a horse kicking him in the head. He choked, coughed, and sputtered for several seconds before he was able to drag a cool breath down his scorched throat. The soldiers were slapping their thighs as they howled with laughter. They encouraged Dalyn to eat, telling him the food would soak up the alcohol. The more he ate and drank, the better he would be.

Within the hour, Dalyn had passed out, his head resting on the table, oblivious to the world of his birth. He snored loudly, much to the amusement of the soldiers and the locals.

Ruebeck could feel his body bumping up and down. His head ached, and his stomach felt ready to empty everything it contained. He moaned loudly.

I see our new recruit is finally awake. Sit up. Don’t you dare vomit in my vehicle!

Ruebeck pulled himself up as he tried to focus his eyes on the speaker. It was the same soldier who’d given him the fifty gold coins. He

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