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Salon Marketing How to Make your Salon Staff Accountable

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Salon Marketing How to Make your Salon Staff Accountable

Longueur: 33 pages11 minutes


What is Self Assessment and why is this so important to your Salon Staff?
Self assessment System For the Salon Owner

Are you having constant staff issues that simply drain you?
Are you having to spend hours going over the same old topic with your staff
We have now found a solution to this ever nagging problem,
Let the staff tell you their faults!
This simple step by step system has been well used by many salons and is very effective and will I guarantee save you hours and your staff will become happy little campers and more importantly your business will grow because of this.

Self Assessments are a vital tool that you can use at pre-set intervals over a year. Every 3 months is recommended and to this aim we have Self Assessments numbered 1 through to 4 made for this purpose.

The easiest way to implement these tools we have provided is to print them out section by section depending on which staff member you are dealing with and which assessment is required.

The self assessment forms will provide your staff with a ‘platform’ to express themselves and in doing so enhance the progress of their own personal self development within the industry.

You will of course need to go over these assessments with your staff members, as the questions on them are designed not only to help your staff members, but also for you the employer to learn of things that can enhance your salon and the skill set of your staff.

If the staff members performance is not up to scratch on any of the issues, this system will take the pressure off you as the way forward is all pre-determined, the staff member has assessed themselves. You then can both discuss the issues raised and how best to resolve them.

It has been shown, this system this will lessen any staff issues which can sometimes ‘explode’ in the salon during the daily work flow, as this self assessment system is designed to be pro-active rather than re-active which is a “Win” for the Staff Member and You the Salon Owner.

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