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Suzanne Pointe and the Brave Dancers

Suzanne Pointe and the Brave Dancers

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Suzanne Pointe and the Brave Dancers

29 pages
17 minutes
Jun 21, 2014


Suzanne Pointe, though she dances beautifully, looks nothing like the other ballerinas and is not invited to join the Town Ballet. Confused and saddened, Suzanne runs away. “I should never dance again,” Suzanne decides. Later that day, tragedy strikes Suzanne’s hometown, and everyone Suzanne knows is prohibited from dancing or painting or even singing again. Suzanne reunites with her grandmother Nana, and together they make plans to escape. When they awake the next morning, however, they find themselves stranded and in danger, their village come apart. What follows is a story of art and of a community bound together in art to survive.
Suzanne Pointe and the Brave Dancers is dedicated to the memory of impresario and founder of Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo, Mr. René Blum, 1878 – 1943, who died at Auschwitz.

Jun 21, 2014

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Suzanne Pointe and the Brave Dancers - J D L Muir

Suzanne Pointe


The Brave Dancers


J.D.L. Muir

Copyright © 2008 J.D.L. Muir

Revised Ed., Copyright © 2011 J.D.L. Muir

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All Rights Reserved Worldwide

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1. At Home

2. An Old Friend

3. The Meadow

4. The Audition

5. A New Friend

6. The Minefield

7. Paris

The story, a ballet fantasy, takes place in a small village. The village sits between two mountains and beside a large lake.

Chapter 1

At Home

Suzanne Pointe danced high on her toes for her grandmother, Nana Pointe.

The big day’s tomorrow! said Suzanne, who loved dancing more than anything. Tomorrow I audition for the Town Ballet, featuring the great Stefan!

What, you think they won’t adore you? said Nana from behind her canvas and easel. Nana Pointe painted Suzanne's every leap and turn.

They’ll adore you. I adore you, said Nana.

There was a knock at the door.

Our friends are here! said Suzanne.

All of Suzanne's friends were coming over to wish her well, the first of whom were their neighbors, the Goodmans. After the Goodmans, in came Mr. and Mrs. Mickwee, who owned the grocery store. Judge McCormick and Mrs. McCormick arrived next. Suzanne's doctor, Dr. Feld, and her husband came. Suzanne's favorite teacher, Miss Peterson, came with all

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