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How Well Do You Know the Regency? And the Genre?

Do you enjoy  Regency Romances or Historical Romance set in the Regency period? Then this book is for YOU!

How much do you know about the Regent and his cronies, the balls, the parks, the clubs, the correct titles, the fashions, and the authors writing all those delightful historic romance novels? You will most likely find that your favourite reading has added greatly to your historic knowledge.

And how much do you remember from the books you have enjoyed over the years?

Test and demonstrate your knowledge of the history, customs, fashions, important personages and above all, the classic novels and novelists celebrating this fascinating period.

This Regency Quiz Book is the perfect complement to your collection of historic romance novels.


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A Regency Quiz Book - May Essex

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What you will find in this book

If you are an avid reader and enjoy the Regency Romance Genre, this book is for you. How much have you learned, without effort, about Regency history, fashion, and lifestyle? How many details of the books you read can you remember? Test your knowledge and memory here!

These 20 different, entertaining Quizzes may still contribute some additional nuggets to your knowledge of the Regency period and of the delightful books written about it, from Georgette Heyer to the most recent offerings.

It is true that the Regency romance genre is so huge that it is quite impossible to do justice in one quiz book to all the excellent authors who have contributed to our enjoyment over the last decades, both with the classical shorter Regency and the Historical Novel set in the same period.

Both for reasons of space and to make it a bit easier for you, the puzzle questions focus mostly, though not exclusively, on the best-known authors of the genre, who have been practising their craft for some time. (The author pre-emptively and humbly begs the pardon of the many wonderful writers of historical romance set in the Regency period, whose works and characters have not yet been included as they would deserve).

How to play: Every quiz consists of ten or eleven questions. There is at least one correct answer among the choices offered, and multiple correct answers are also possible. Each correct answer gives you one point, partially correct answers are a half point each. You win if you have at least 5 points per quiz (without looking up the answers, mind). If you play with someone else, you get to alternate the chance to answer first, and the higher number of correct answers wins.

Please take your time. Do not hurry through all twenty quizzes at one sitting.

If some of the books cited in the quiz questions sound intriguing, remember that most are just a few clicks away these days ....some of the older classics are not so easily found, however. It is to be hoped that they, too, will soon be available once again in electronic and print-on-demand format for the continued delectation of future generations of regency romance lovers.


Quiz 1: Important Personages

Quiz 2: Which name belongs to which author?

Quiz 3: Buildings

Quiz 4: What is the correct title?

Quiz 5: Fashions

Quiz 6: Politics

Quiz 7: Guess the novel from page 47

Quiz 8: Georgette Heyer Quiz

Quiz 9: Regency Entertainments and Pastimes

Quiz 10: Places

Quiz 11: Reading Matter

Quiz 12: Mary Jo Putney

Quiz 13: Weddings

Quiz 14: Animals

Quiz 15: Families

Quiz 16: Romance Titles - Supply the Missing Word

Quiz 17: Mary Balogh

Quiz 18: First and Last Names and more Titles

Quiz 19: Spot the Author

Quiz 20: Special Plots

Excerpt from the author’s book How to Write an Awful Romance:

Quiz 1: Important Personages

1. How was the Regent (later George IV) related