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The Last Music Bearer

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The Last Music Bearer

Longueur: 335 pages4 heures


Can you imagine a world in which it is forbidden to play music?

This book describes such a place.

This is a world where there are no lullabies...

Even the steady beating of a craftsman’s hammer needs to be carefully adjusted so that the rhythm is not mistaken as music...

There are no church bells. There is no dance. There are no church hymns or songs.

In this medieval fantasy world, where singing and music is illegal, a secret group of wandering monks brings harmony to those in need. But their movements are constantly watched and monitored by the fearsome Order of the Black Hounds — whose ministry and aim is to eradicate music in all its forms, to prevent the corruption of living souls.

A boy named Elis was left for dead by his mentally ailing mother — but he was saved by the wandering minstrel monks. He was trained and educated by them. To be one of the last Music-Bearers in the world.

Now Elis must complete his mission, while those sworn to hunt him down, must destroy him.

This tells the story of how love between individuals can overcome the power and authority of a religion and the state. It also describes a world in which the possession of a musical instrument, or the singing of a song, is considered to be blasphemy — and where such crimes will not go unpunished.

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