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THE WALLS OF BERLIN: Architecture And Oblivion

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THE WALLS OF BERLIN: Architecture And Oblivion

Longueur: 235 pages2 heures


Drawing on a vast range of material from the first films of Berlin in the 1890s, to the city's impact on contemporary digital art WALLS OF BERLIN examines how Berlin's walls form apertures that mediate their preoccupations and manias, damage and scars, non-erasable inscriptions and outlandish markings, fractures and fissures, strata and outgrowths, veerings and oscillations across time, corporeal traces and residues, sexual obsessions, and revelatory urban vanishings. In a rich cultural history of the city's memories and its acts of oblivion, Stephen Barber probes many of its overlooked but most illuminating spaces and sites inflected by art and film alongside the visual, textual and sonic presences that inhabit them.
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