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The Laws of Influence: Mastering the Art of Sales, Leadership, and Change

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The Laws of Influence: Mastering the Art of Sales, Leadership, and Change

Longueur: 184 pages2 heures


Leveraging your purpose towards your greatest potential is the pinnacle of influence. In fact, regardless of role or responsibility, your success is directly proportionate to your capacity to influence. Entrepreneurs, teachers, executives, and sales professionals all rely on the compelling power of influence to accomplish their goals.

In The Laws of Influence, Brad Harker reveals an ideology that begins with a discovery of your own deep-rooted capacities in the context of four attributes of influence. Empowered with perspective and direction, you will be introduced to proven sales, leadership, and communication strategies that facilitate powerful habits of success.

Whether your purpose is to lead, to create, to inspire, to protect, or promote, The Laws of Influence is the ultimate guidebook to:
Develop the confidence to challenge your greatest fears and limitations
Harness the ability to read people and establish lasting rapport
Masterfully communicate your vision and inspire audiences
Cultivate a magnetic style of leadership that people will choose to follow
Become a master of change in your professional and personal life.
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