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Global Dimensions: The Super 7 of Global Success

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Global Dimensions: The Super 7 of Global Success

Longueur: 119 pages1 heure


→ You do business globally and want to make a momentous impact on the market.
→ Your organization is working on their fi rst diversity strategy.
→ You are a CEO or Business Owner who wants to create a more productive,
talent rich, inclusive culture.
→ You are a Business Owner or CEO who desire straight answers to difficult
and uneasy topics.
→ You are a CEO or Business Owner who wants to learn new concepts that
inspire a positive work environment.
CEO’s and Business Owners will fi nd the distinctive of each employee is what
really leads to increased productivity, reduced confl ict, increased customer service,
increased talent retention, and more. This book provides business executive’s ways
to integrate their employee’s unique attributes to achieve business objectives; new
adaptability ideas, and a team based environment working together accomplishing
the mission and vision of the organization.
Global Dimensions: The Super 7 of Global Success is the key diversity source for
CEO’s, Business Owners, and Senior Executives, regardless of their employee’s
race, ethnic group, gender, religion, culture, age, or language.
A Business Owner or CEO wanting to take their organization to a phenomenal level in
today’s global market defi nitely has the information they need by reading this book.
Tresté Loving’s experience and training in race issues and other poor work
environmental situations is crucial to organizations’amazing results. Her work has
been covered in the Washington Post and she has answered many Congressional
Inquiries. Tresté’s passion is to help every organization be awesome in all aspects of
their business. She desires to make this a reality in your organization.
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