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Curiosity - Lesbian Erotic Stories

Girl-meets-Girl short stories of Curiosity and Discovery!


Copyright © 2012 VIRGINIA WILD

All rights reserved.

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II.Orange Juice

III.Pray the Gay Away

IV.Charlotte Learns

V.Credit Union for Spies

I. Basketball

It was my senior year playing women's basketball at a State College.  My name is Lindy Clarke and I was one of the starting five.  We were a good team, but a little short to excel in the conference playoff tournament--just suburban girls having a good time.  We all could dribble, and pass and play defense, but we were outmatched in spite of our athleticism and good coaching.

I am blond and five foot seven--too short to play forward, but I did anyway.  We had only one girl over 6 feet tall. 

We had played the other teams throughout the year and beaten only one of them.  City College is exactly what it sounds-- not so good academically, but with big tall, fast players. They have more African American girls than anyone in the league. Thankfully, we only play them if we beat our first rival, which is an all women's school with a reputation for lesbians. 

As far as I knew, we didn't have any lesbians on our team.  That was a source of pride for us, because many of us were religious girls, from typical suburban families.  None of us were comfortable with the stereotype that women athletes get.  I think we all want to have the house with the white picket fence, kids and a husband.

Our Head Coach JoAnn Wagner, for example, is happily married.   Her assistant Coach Bryan Lynch was a top professional male basketball prospect who had a drinking problem.  He really should have made the pros, but that is too late now.

We rode three loaded minivans to the hotel Friday afternoon in early Spring.  Each coach had to drive a vehicle.  We were excited to travel to the tournament, but we feared defeat and getting stuck in the consolation game. 

I was staying in a room with Lucy, Wyla, and Raelynn.  Each room had two queen beds, so we stayed four to a room, plus the coaches each got their own room. 

Raelynn is a country girl who is a great shooter.  Everybody knows her boyfriend drove up and is getting a separate room at the hotel.  She jokes that they fuck like rabbits …except before a big game.

Our game with Women's College was to start at 7:00 p.m., so we barely had time to unpack, get dinner and then change.  We were all nervous and afraid of losing.  Coach Wagner told us to create fast breaks, and run-and-gun.  That meant it would be a tough night for me.

During warm-ups we saw the girls, and I was reminded of how big the girls were. I was intimidated watching the tall, masculine girls.  One of their best players, a senior, was no longer injured.  She sat-out our last encounter, so now they were even more formidable.  Her name was Connie Cupp, but we gave her the nickname C-Cup because she had big boobs on such a tall skinny frame.

We sized them up, watching their bad haircuts, tattoos, and sloppy look, trying to get encouragement that they weren't ready to play.  Connie wasn’t so disheveled after all.

By the opening tip-off, it was clear that we were outsized.  Four of their starters were over 6 feet tall including Connie, who was 6 feet 2 inches.  In spite of my height, she was assigned to defend me.  Their team was very physical, defending hard, and went up strong for lay-ups and boards.  We quickly fell behind by 8 points as they blocked several passes and shots.  Connie was punishing me every time I got the ball. 

One time I charged the lane and ended up with my head stuffed into her ample chest.  Talk about embarrassing!  I fell on top of her with my face smothered in her cleavage, right in between her the boobs.  It was such an awkward fall, seeming more like we were wrestling than playing basketball.  It took a minute to get up and untangle. 

Strangely, the referee didn't even call a foul. As we got up, Connie taunted me, saying Did you enjoy with your head in between my tits?

We’re going to kick your butt, I said in stupid defiance.  Unfortunately, I awoke the sleeping giant. 

At the first chance to sit, Coach Wagner reminded me that I'd have to steal passes and drive the lane myself.  I sat for just a minute and then I re-entered to get a fast break lay-up.  Lucy and I both made 3-pointers and the teams were tied up at 14 each. 

The next time I got the ball, I got molested.  It's not a figure of speech!  Connie was reaching her hand under a stroking my butt crack.  It certainly was distracting, but I figured she'd get a foul called.  Wrong again!  Connie began a reign of lesbian terror, and the refs just watched.

I lost the ball, and they scored.  She became more forward on the next possession.  She actually reached up under my crotch like a football quarterback waiting for the hike.  She touched my pussy over my uniform, and I couldn't believe it, cursing at her.  Her tickles and probes were obviously to provoke me into losing my cool, and playing badly.

In front of huge crowd, she was shaming me.  I wonder how many people saw me jolt up when I got poked 'down there'. 

I went to the referee and told her that she was touching my privates.  She said that she was calling a loose game.  She quickly dismissed my complaint, saying she didn't call my charges and fouls, but if it got too bad, she'd keep an eye on it. 

Connie started talking trash too.  Connie would say, Wow, Lindy, you're really pretty or Too bad you're not gay, and Can I eat your pussy? 

The second quarter was better.  At least we scored more, Raelynn had some big shots.  The opponent's big girls got tired and we even got some rebounds!  But I was still at the mercy of a huge lesbian with wandering hands. 

The next time I got the ball Connie pinched one of my nipples and held it for several seconds.  Ouch! 

I couldn't believe the abuse I was expected to take.  I told the coach what was happening, but she insisted that we weren't defending aggressively or forcing turnovers, and rebounds.  At half time it was 40-36 in their favor.   I was glad for the chance to sit, and see if other girls had the same problem with dirty defense, but nobody else did.  Eventually one or two fouls got called, but not enough to put Connie in foul trouble.  Incredibly, I had 3 fouls called on me for minor infractions.

We came out flat in the 3rd quarter.  I felt like I had to do everything.  I scored a few points, but we were not playing team ball.  Thankfully, both teams started missing shots.  If it wasn't for the free throws, we'd have been hopelessly behind by the end of the third quarter.  The score was 57-47.

In the fourth quarter, Connie was really laying it on extra heavy.  You are so hot!  I am imaging your juicy vagina, right now, I think she was distracting herself because I broke into the corner for a 3-pointer.  Have you ever made love to woman? 

Eventually, we lost 71-65 and we were doomed to the consolation game on Saturday afternoon.  At the end of the game when everybody on their team was hugging each other, several of their players were kissing each other on the lips.  Gross! We knew about their reputation, but it was so blatant.

We all went back to our hotel rooms watched TV for a few minutes, before going to sleep.  No celebration for us.  And tomorrow we had to play one more game that didn't matter to anyone.

The next day we were just going through the motions getting breakfast, knowing that our game today didn't really matter.  We played our consolation game in the afternoon against Polytech and won.  It was easy as we rolled to a 70-44 score. 

Maybe they were going through the motions, too.

I think I was so angry about the previous game that I got motivated.  I scored 25 points, but fouled out.  I guess I was just pissed off.  How dare they accuse me of being a dirty player! 

One girl on Polytech even called me a lesbian.  Bitch!  She must have been watching our last game, and wanted to get me riled up. 

We went back to our locker room to shower and change.  Unfortunately we attracted spectators.  Players from Women's College came in to dress, preparing for their tournament final against City College, but they just congregated stand, watching us shower.  They stood there, saying rude things to us.

Just admiring the view! one of them shouted.  I turned my back on them and quickly finished washing up, embarrassed by my nudity. 

Hey, nice ass, Lesbo! shouted another one.

I shut down the