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Introduction to Alpine Gardens: Making a Rock Alpine Garden

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Introduction to Alpine Gardens: Making a Rock Alpine Garden

Longueur: 68 pages15 minutes


Table of Contents

Introduction to Alpine Gardens
Planning Your Garden
Why Do You Want an Alpine Garden?
Choosing the Right Site
Preparation of the Site
Water in Your Rock Garden
Placing of the Rocks
Placement of the Stones
Soil in Your Rock Garden
Making a Scree
Trees and Dwarf Shrubs in Your Garden
Recommended Shrubs
Selection of Alpine Plants
Selection of Sun Loving Rock Plants
Rock Plants for a Shady Position
Author Bio


The making of any sort of garden is not as easy as many people imagine, and it is often these very people who fail to achieve their own wishes when the garden is made. This is the reason why, just dreaming up a garden, and visualizing it, whether it is an Alpine Garden, a rock garden, or an ordinary garden needs effort, dedication, and application on your part.

Far too frequently, you plan the garden quickly. You have not given the subject adequate thought. You have rushed in the work with lots of haste, and thus making a waste of perfectly good land. The result more or less of failure is going to be a sad and annoying reminder of your lack of patience and technical knowledge.
Just imagine that you are making a garden in the same manner in which you are constructing your house. This is a skilled job. You are not going to start building your house, without proper thought, finances, plans, and timescales, are you. You are also going to take the expert assistance of a trained architect and contractors who are more skilled in building houses.

In the same manner, many people fail to make their gardens what they might be just because they are too stubborn to call in an expert or because they do not possess some of the essential technical knowledge needed to make a garden.
When you are planning any sort of pattern of reasonable dimensions, it may be wise to take some advice from an expert gardener. Also remember that if you are taking professional advice, you may need to look at his fees beforehand in order to prevent escalating costs, right at the initial stages of the project itself!
This does not mean that you cannot have your own individual ideas carried out for a garden, because after all it is a reflection of the heart, body, mind and soul of the person who plans it. You want to create a thing of beauty and a joy forever.

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