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The First Primer on the Organization Tier

The First Primer on the Organization Tier

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The First Primer on the Organization Tier

53 pages
24 minutes
Apr 25, 2015


Why a series of primers?
These primers provide in depth coverage of the nested form constructs in the book: How to Define the Word “Religion”.
Primers 1 and 2 developed the category-based nested forms discussed in “the meaning underlying the word ‘religion’”.
The next several primer address “the presence underlying the word ‘religion’”. This presence can be appreciated through a fully differentiated model of “humans in our current Lebenswelt”. Humans exist in society. Humans organize. Human live as individuals in community. Each of these modes of existence relate to one another as a nested form:
Society( Organization( potential of Individual in Community))
Primer 3 diagrams the individual in community. Primers 4 and 5 present the organization tier. Primer 6 introduces the institution level of the society tier, starting with an example, the family. Primer 7 reviews How Institutions Think (1986) by British anthropologist Mary Douglas.

Apr 25, 2015

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The First Primer on the Organization Tier - Razie Mah

The First Primer on the Organization Tier

Razie Mah

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This 6700 word primer concerns the second tier in a category-based nested form model for the presence underlying the word religion. Part 1 concerns examples and history.

This is the 4th primer in a series on nested form models.

Note: Single quotes and italics are used to demark words that belong together.

Table of Contents

What is an Organization?

Organization and Human Evolution

The Metaphor of Family

Avoiding the Inevitable

The Metaphor of the Band

Metaphor of Tribe

The Impact of the First Singularity

The Bevel Rimmed Bowls of Uruk

The Mill in the Medieval West

The First Unexpected Medieval Event

The Second Unexpected Medieval Event

The French and Russian Revolutions

A Note on the Importance of Karl Marx

Transition to Next Primer

What is an Organization?

0001 The organization tierB emerges from and situates the individual in communityA.

Here is a diagram:

Organization and Human Evolution

0002 From the diagram, I can tell that I am already in trouble. Look, there is no third tier. According to the logic of the categories, an unidentified upper level tierC brings the organization tierB into relation with the potential of the individual in community (iic)A. The less apparent this unnamed upper tierC is, the more the organization tierB becomes ephemeral. The organization tierB will appear and disappear depending on whether or not there is an upper level tierC.

May I call the appearance order? May I call the disappearance chaos?

0003 Given this logic, I find it easy to imagine the unnamed upper tierC as a selection pressure in the course of human evolution. When it appeared, our ancestors organized. When it disappeared, our ancestors scattered. Surely, the former gives advantage. How do I know? I feel it in my bones. ‘The individual willing to cooperate’ was

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