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Jewelry Making For Beginners
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"Jewelry Making For Beginners" is a text that not only highlights the basics of making various types of jewelry, it also goes just a bit further into the process without making it overwhelming for the beginner. The aim that the author has with this text is to inform and educate and make the overall process as easy as possible to execute. The individual that has no concept at all of what jewelry making entails can read the text and not only get an overview of the jewelry making process but also get a bit of insight on the various processes that one can focus on be it using metal or beads or gems and stones. This book is a great source of reference for any hobbyist with an interest in making jewelry in their spare time or someone who has a creative side and has an interest in earning an income from making jewelry. The book is a great place to start to achieve that goal of creating great piece of wearable art. Of course this text will not appeal to everyone as not all are interested in using their hands or creativity to make something but for those who are it works.
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Jewelry Making For Beginners - Janet Evans

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Chapter 1- An Overview of Jewelry Making

People like to make their own jewelry for various reasons. Some people desire to use their creativity and make unique designs. Others want to make their jewelry so that they can sell it at stores or other venues. Still others like to make theirs so that they can give it away to friends and family for gifts throughout the year. For whatever reason they decide to make their own jewelry, they find that the time that they spend on it is enjoyable. It becomes something that they look forward to doing, and they want to make more of it.

Does Someone Need A Lot Of Experience To Their Own Jewelry?

A person does not need prior experience to learn how to make their own jewelry. They can learn as they go along and try out different things. They can change the way that they make their jewelry along the way. Making their own jewelry allows them much leeway, and they will be able to make their very own unique designs in no time at all. They just need to have the proper supplies, some reference materials and the patience to make their ideas come to life.

What Type Of Supplies Do They Need?

It is important that people that make jewelry get their supplies and have them on hand. They should also have a clean workspace that isn’t cluttered so that they can spend time making their treasured pieces. This can be a work bench, a counter top or even a desk, as long as there is plenty of good light for them to see what they are doing.

When they are purchasing different supplies, they should make sure that they get plenty of gems, stones, crystals and more. Scissors, string, needles and glue are other supplies that should always be on hand. People that want to make their own jewelry should buy these items in bulk amounts. They should then organize them so that they know what have on hand when they are starting a new project. Since jewelry making is so creative, a person can use all kinds of different things to make interesting pieces. It is all up to their imagination and the design that they have in mind. They should get the supplies