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1001 Questions Answered About Trees

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1001 Questions Answered About Trees

Longueur: 499 pages9 heures


"A book that easily doubles as reference and a source of reading pleasure. The illustrations are clear and the index is a good guide." — Wisconsin Library Bulletin.
"How long have trees been growing on earth?" "Will evergreens thrive in a city?" "Should different kinds of trees be planted along the same avenue?" Noted tree expert Rutherford Platt answers these and hundreds of other questions in this informative guide to trees and tree products.
Meticulously researched, brimming with fascinating facts, 1001 Questions Answered About Trees offers a highly readable compendium of data about numerous species throughout the world — from the stately American sugar maple, giant sequoia, and towering saguaro cactus to the Scotch pine, Australian eucalyptus, and Middle Eastern date palm.
With this book tree lovers will learn how to use such data as age, size, weight, and other features to identify trees; homeowners can find out what to plant and how to deal with tree pests and disease; and tourists can discover trees to look for in certain states. Readers will also find much information on conservation, tree products, famous trees, wood chemistry, and papermaking. There's even a selection of poems about trees.
Over 100 drawings and 21 photographs by the author illustrate this encyclopedic resource — an indispensable guide for students, conservationists, ecologists, and nature lovers of all ages.

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