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How NOT to Start a T-Shirt Company

Length: 45 pages40 minutes


“I really enjoyed reading your article. I found it extremely helpful. I thought that your side comments and personal rants made the article entertaining and informational at the same time. Which I dig. I appreciate you taking the time to express your experience and struggle while starting up your own business. If and when I make it, I hope to get in contact with you and possibly share my own experience with you. Thank you again.” 

“This is the best article on T-shirts I've ever looked at from top to bottom.” 

“I have been looking everywhere for this!!! Amazing article. Maybe you should write an e-book for these things. It’s almost like Books for Dummies. It lays everything out flat for you!” 

“Hi. We love you for printing all of your trials and tribulations, because we're putting together a new t-shirt line.  We were hoping that by the time we got to the bottom of the article, you would have changed your luck -- and were going to tell us how successful you were! Meanwhile, you are a hero in our eyes, and we thank you so much!” 


How NOT To Start A T-Shirt Company is a short and sweet, first person account of a gigantic business failure. Learn from the pitfalls of someone who did everything completely wrong and lived to talk about it. You'll learn the 10 rules of NO which include everything from marketing, web design, financing, and everything else necessary to avoid failing miserably. 

This book is the first place to start if you're thinking of opening your own t-shirt business. And if you'd like to laugh at someone else's misery while doing so. 

This book is priced much lower than most of the other t-shirt related e-books on Amazon. You don't need to have your wallet gouged just to receive a little information that will make your life and job easier. Please enjoy!

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