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Soft Pastel - The Ultimate Workshop

Soft Pastel - The Ultimate Workshop

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Soft Pastel - The Ultimate Workshop

2.5/5 (5 évaluations)
110 pages
26 minutes
Jun 17, 2015


Step by step workshop for beginning, intermediate and advanced students working with soft Pastel
Jun 17, 2015

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Soft Pastel - The Ultimate Workshop - Erin Cronin-Webb

Soft Pastels

The Ultimate Workshop


Erin Cronin-Webb



About The Artist



Types of Pastels

Hard Pastels

Pastel Pencils

Soft Pastels

A Word Of Caution

Soft Pastels:

Hard Pastels


Other Useful Supplies

Pastel Pencils

Blending Tools



Foam Board

Mounting Adhesive

Burnishing Tool

Stanley Knife

Color Theory

Autumn Splendor

Color Relationships – Complementary Colors

A Winter's Walk

Tale Of The Temptation Of Two Apples

Step By Step Apple Demonstration

Still Life With Apples

Exercise One

Exercise Two

The Value of Value Sketches!


Next Step – Underpainting

Fruit of The Month


Summer's Ends

Underpainting With Nupastels and Rubbing Alcohol

A Walk In Autumn

Building a Painting Without Underpainting

Winter Storm Watch

Still Life – Best Learning Tool!

Still Life with Peppers

Still Life Exercise

Framing and Preserving


Best Places To Buy Stuff On Line!


Best Pastel Surfaces:

Best Pastel Pencils:

About the Artist


About The Artist

I was so lucky to have been born into a family that loved art, music, literature and, above all, all forms of creative expression. My parents were true children of the depression, outside of their high school education, neither had any formal education in the arts. But, in spite of that...or maybe because of that...they wished for something so much better for their four daughters. They worked at any and all jobs that provided extra income with which they could introduce us to music lessons, art lessons, nearly weekly trips to New York City's amazing variety of Museums, galleries, ethnic neighborhoods celebrating wonderful feast days, musical performances, family circle tickets at the opera...all of the wonderful, exciting events that provided a magnificent framework for the brilliant and colorful mural that was my childhood.

And there was MOM.....If there exists some magic that allows people to see the world in brilliant colors, textures, and lines...my mom cornered the market on it! She didn't paint or sculpt or even draw, but everything she did was an expression of beauty and in her hands became an art form. From making Christmas ornaments, Decorated Easter Eggs, to doll clothes, little girl dresses that were then envy of my 1st grade class and meals that would put a cordon bleu chef to shame....It was always about the beauty, creativity, love and effort. That is what I learned about art!

I didn't have formal training in art. As the youngest of the four girls I watched my oldest sister become an accomplished pianist, The second eldest, an amazing operatic singer, and my closest sibling cornered the paper, pencil and crayon market as a very gifted young artists. Competition among the sisters was, wisely, not

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Avis des lecteurs

  • (2/5)
    I couldn't get through it. The spelling and syntax errors were too distracting.
  • (1/5)
    Corto muy corto, no ofrece mucho.
    Un crédito perdido en este libro.
  • (5/5)
    Very educational for someone who has no knowledge of pastels. This book includes a lot of examples and several of them are done step by step to really bring home the information. Easy to read as well. I breezed through it and was astonished to realize that i had completed it.