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Cat House

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Cat House

Longueur: 479 pages4 heures


Wyoming in 1873 was a wild place, and it got worse when a conniving rich rancher conspired to take the local whorehouse from the Madame, Miss Kitty. Sheriff Brent Hendricks, her frequent bedmate, is forced to choose between the law and his favorite female. In addition to the normal doings of scruffy desperados and rustlers, a strike by Kitty’s whores threatens to ignite a war! Can Brent spare Kitty a tragic end? You’ll be dying to see what frontier justice and two dozen naughty whores can do!

A steamy look at life on the frontier, as an amazing collection of humans struggle to get by and find life and love in a dusty and dubious town. The hard life of the women stuck being whores, while dreaming of finding that one special man who will carry them away from their present fate, will give you a reason to understand that life now days isn’t so bad! This is a deep and touching story of life, romance and the trials of existing in the old west!

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