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Perfectly Grown Tomatoes: The complete guide to growing tomatoes

Perfectly Grown Tomatoes: The complete guide to growing tomatoes

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Perfectly Grown Tomatoes: The complete guide to growing tomatoes

69 pages
53 minutes
Sep 16, 2015


"Perfectly Grown Tomatoes - the complete guide to growing tomatoes" is the complete guide to growing tomatoes at home. This is the perfect guide if you are a first-timer looking to grow some tomatoes to eat at home or a seasoned tomato grower looking to sell tomatoes at the local farmer's market. This details all steps from choosing your planting spot and the correct variety of tomato right through to ensuring your fruit remains pest-free to post-harvest maintenance. This also includes a section on companion planting to ensure a great tomato harvest. There is also a section on balcony growing, if you are a city dweller or have limited space for growing. This guide contains a wealth of hints and tips, and highlights many of the common mistakes growers often make. Compiled by seasoned horticulturists and gardeners, with this guide you will have Always Perfectly Grown Tomatoes.

Sep 16, 2015

À propos de l'auteur

Always Perfectly Grown guides are written by seasoned gardeners and horticulturists. Fed up of seeing folk making the same mistakes over again when gardening we decided to lay down our gardening tools and take to our computers to compile useful and practical guides. Follow these guides and your fruit and vegetables will be Always Perfectly Grown. Happy Gardening! (and reading!) Friend us on Facebook and enjoy more great tips and hints - www.facebook.com/APGguides

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Perfectly Grown Tomatoes - Always Perfectly Grown


The Complete Guide to Growing Tomatoes

An Always Perfectly Grown Guide


the complete guide to growing tomatoes

Smashwords Edition | Copyright © 2015 | Always Perfectly Grown Guides

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Table of Contents

1. Introduction

2. Tomato basics

3. Preparation

4. Buying

5. Planting

6. Care and Maintenance

7. Harvesting

8. After Harvest

9. Storing Seeds

10. Diseases and Disorders

11. Balcony growing

12. Varieties

13. Other guides by the author

1. Introduction

Tomatoes are one of the most widely grown fruits worldwide. From the small size of the cherry tomato through to the large beefsteak, from globe tomatoes through to plum tomatoes, there is a perfect tomato to grow and to taste for everyone. Tomatoes are one of the most rewarding fruits to grow. From different colored tomatoes (yellow, orange, pink), varieties bred specifically for growing in hanging baskets or vines crawling up a trellis a tomato plant looks great in your garden or balcony. When summer comes, there is nothing quite like picking a warm, sun-ripened tomato off the plant to put in your salad and to say to your friends and family I grew those!

Tomatoes are extremely good for you. Not only are they high in vitamins A and C, they also contain high amounts of the compound lycopene. Lycopene is an antioxidant – one of the strongest naturally occurring antioxidants found in nature, and in studies has been shown to protect against various forms of cancer including skin cancer.

Nothing compares taste-wise to the taste of a tomato fresh off the vine. Too often we buy our tomatoes from the store, and have become accustomed to the bland taste of the one or two tomato varieties that they sell. These tomatoes have been picked a good fortnight before optimum ripeness, then artificially ripened using ethylene gas before hitting the store. Whether you start with seeds or seedlings, the good news is that tomatoes are easy to grow. Whether you have a large garden or small balcony or patio, you will have the perfect spot to grow tomatoes.

This complete guide shows you how to grow perfectly grown tomatoes whether you are a tomato novice or seasoned tomato grower. It shows the best hints and tips for growth and highlights many of the common mistakes people make when growing tomatoes. It shows you how you can have a great tomato harvest whether you live in sprawling countryside or city apartment. This guide takes you through all the steps required, from preparing your planting spot, choosing the correct variety for your location, the correct way to plant and look after your plants (including what companion plants work great with your tomato plants), through to harvesting your plump ripe tomatoes.

Whether you want to grow tomatoes at home to save some money on your grocery bill, make some money from selling at a farmer’s market, or simply want to taste a truly great tasting tomato, right now is the perfect time to start planning growing your own!

Always Perfectly Grown guides are compiled by seasoned horticulturists and gardeners. Fed up of watching people make the same mistakes when growing their own crops, these guides were compiled to provide a complete guide to growing fruit

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